Leftists can’t handle the monster they created and a new Los Angeles ordinance proves it

Thanks to the Marxist Black Lives Matter riots, big blue American cities have been decimated. 

With encampments everywhere and DAs dedicated to not enforcing the law, those cities are messier than some third world countries. 

It’s become clear leftists can’t handle the monster they created—and a new Los Angeles ordinance proves it.

Big cities—especially those in California—have become famously dysfunctional and filthy. 

In the name of “equity” leftist pro-crime district attorneys have been refusing to enforce the law including violations that would usually result in felonies including illegal drug activity and even some forms of assault. 

But now, even though they can’t enforce the basics like not defecating in public, the City of Los Angeles just passed a new ordinance banning the assembly of bicycles on sidewalks. 

The irony in this case is pretty heavy considering that California’s climate crazed politicians are making a massive push to outlaw the combustion engine. 

Now they’re taking on bike assembly when it seems the biggest issue would be having people camped on the streets and sidewalks strung out on drugs and doing their business (of all kinds) in plain sight.

Supposedly the ordinance is supposed to cut down on the number of bicycle thefts happening in the city by making “bicycle chop shops” illegal. 

But that’s about as illogical as making guns illegal to prevent bad guys from committing crimes with them. 

Anybody who is cool with swiping a bike isn’t likely to worry about the city’s latest ordinance which no DA is going to bother to enforce anyway. 

Like almost every other leftist law ever created, this one is completely useless and doesn’t solve anything. 

But it does prove that leftists are struggling to keep pretending they’re okay with living in a slum of their own making. 

Big blue cities that welcomed violent rioters back in 2020 are now getting a taste of what their avowed beliefs lead to. 

The fact that Hollywood Boulevard is littered with tents, trash (including plenty of needles), and bicycle parts can be laid at the feet of the Democrats in charge who gave Marxist rioters a foothold in their communities in the first place. 

They’ve created a monster that is destroying the heart of their communities—especially those areas populated with low-income minorities. 

There’s no way a useless bike assembly ordinance is going to change anything, but it is certainly a sign that leftists are cracking under the weight of their own stupidity. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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