Democrats in one state adopted new Orwellian language that will have your jaw on the floor


Democrat strongholds are flirting with disaster.

Their political goals are unraveling their jurisdictions.

And Democrats in one state adopted new Orwellian language that will have your jaw on the floor.

The Left is deeply preoccupied with language.

They know that if they can manipulate language, they can manipulate thought and make radical political change.

The power of language

Leftists are constantly trying to change the meaning of words, partly to serve as in-crowd signaling.

For example, if someone uses an outdated term, they can be considered uncouth or politically incorrect.

“Homeless” gets replaced with euphemistic language like “unhoused.”

Now Democrats in Illinois are altering language to reduce the stigma on criminals.

They passed HB 4409, which changed the word “offender” to “justice-impacted individual.”

“Offender” itself was a euphemistic term for criminal, felon, delinquent, etc.

Not only is the term “justice-impacted individual” clunky, it’s unclear if it is talking about a criminal or a victim.

And that’s the point.

In the eyes of the Left, criminals are simply victims of a white supremacist, capitalist society.

State Sen. Terri Bryant (R) said during a hearing, “Over and over again, we keep changing the name of how we are referring to those who have entered into criminal activity and each time we make that change, each agency has to make that change on every one of their documents. Right now, in the Department of Corrections, there’s multiple changes that have been made, and it’s costing thousands and thousands of dollars just to do a name change. Why is it necessary to make the name change?”

Constituency of criminals

The name changes are necessary for Democrats to organize society how they see fit.

For instance, the convenience store Sheetz was hit with a lawsuit because nonwhite job applicants were disproportionately failing criminal background checks.

So Democrats have to soften the blow for criminals or any other “victims” stigmatized by society at large.

State Sen. Steve McClure (R ) said, “There seems to be this rush to take away all accountability for people who commit crimes. If a person is going to get on the right path, they have to know they did something wrong. This apologizing for the criminal, the person who chooses to commit crimes to the detriment of our victims, the people who don’t choose to be victims of crimes, is absolutely incredible.”


The Left wants to build a coalition of the oppressed, which includes criminals.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) said that she wanted to release everyone in federal prison.

She didn’t really mean that—she would not want a murderous neo-Nazi bank robber released—but the radical Left has been fantasizing about prison abolition for decades.

Communist Angela Davis, who was a Vice Presidential nominee on the Communist Party ticket in the early 1980s, has been advocating for prison abolition for decades.

However, when Davis toured the Eastern bloc in the 1970s as a heroic American dissident, she was asked to speak on behalf of political prisoners in the Soviet Union.

But she said that they deserved to be in prison if they spoke out against the state.

So the Left doesn’t want to abolish prisons; they just want to control who goes into them.

They need foot soldiers willing to wreak havoc.

For example, look at the summer of George Floyd in 2020.

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Bay Area residents are outraged as these potential budget cuts open the door for more crime


Most Democrat-controlled parts of America suffer from rampant crime, out-of-control costs of living, and homelessness. 

Yet people continue to elect left-wing radicals who refuse to change their ways.

But Bay Area residents are outraged as these potential budget cuts open the door for more crime.

San Francisco just proved that they are not willing to take crime seriously 

Crime has exploded in San Francisco ever since the George Floyd riots four years ago. 

Rather than hold dangerous criminals accountable, lawmakers have upended the legal justice system to protect career criminals.

To add insult to injury, these lawmakers slashed police budgets as well.

On Tuesday, San Francisco Sheriff Paul Miyamoto was forced to beg to the San Francisco City Board of Supervisors for more funding.

These pleas come after Mayor London Breed suggested sweeping 10% cuts to all public budgets, including public safety. 

Meanwhile, crime has skyrocketed and Bay Area prisons have become war zones.

Just last April, San Francisco’s largest prison in San Bruno went on lockdown after reports emerged of inmates attacking jail staff. 

Ken Lomba, President of the San Francisco Deputy Sheriff’s Association also spoke in front of the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. 

He argued that the reduction in funding for prisons combined with lower staffing and more inmates have created a perfect storm.

In an earlier Zoom meeting on Tuesday, Lomba pointed out that, “I think the sheriff needs to prioritize increasing staffing because that’s what prevents the lockdowns.”

He added, “That’s what reduces and deters fights. Prisoner-on-prisoner fights. That’s what prevents our deputies from being attacked.”

Shamann Walton, a member of the Board of Supervisors, retorted back saying that there are other ways to improve public safety other than policing. 

Walton claimed that, “I would agree with the sheriff’s department that they don’t necessarily need to provide the same level of reductions as the police department.”

He added that, “Most certainly the police department’s budget is over-bloated and there are things we need to do around public safety that just don’t involve law enforcement.”

At the same meeting, Supervisors requested additional security measures for upcoming LGBT events, further angering law enforcement officers.

Many of these officers feel as if San Francisco policymakers only care about safety for events they care about.

“Woke” insanity has brought the once-great City of San Francisco to its knees 

San Francisco used to have a reputation as the crown jewel of America, fostering some of the greatest businesses in American history. 

Over the last several decades, Democrat lawmakers have destroyed the City, allowing criminals and homeless people to run wild.

Every day more and more people and businesses flee from the Bay Area as a result.

Many experts predict that an economic collapse could come to the area if changes are not made quickly.

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AOC just said the quiet part out loud about Trump’s rally in the Bronx


Democrats were sure that indictments and legal cases brought against Donald Trump would cause his supporters to jump ship.

But the exact opposite has happened so far and that has the Left spitting mad.

Now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just said the quiet part out loud about Trump’s rally in the Bronx.

Donald Trump held a rally in the South Bronx on Thursday and expectations from his supporters were for a big crowd. 

Trump had a permit for 3,500 people which would be a respectable number in such a Democrat stronghold.

This rally comes on the heels of a recent one in deep blue New Jersey where Trump set a record for attendance with a crowd of over 100,000.

Democrat lawfare tactics have kept the former president tied up in court for several days each week, keeping him close to New York.

With little that could be done about it, Trump has been making the best of this less-than-ideal situation and continues to campaign every day he’s not in court.

Given that recent polling has shown that a majority of voters believe that the multiple indictments thrown at Trump are little more than politically motivated attacks, the Democrats’ gambit has backfired in a spectacular fashion.

Seeing Trump mixing it up with adoring crowds while Joe Biden has shown that he is just not capable of garnering even a tiny fraction of that support has left some Democrats in fits of rage.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), someone who wears her every emotion on her sleeve, simply couldn’t take it and opened her mouth in a way that wasn’t perfectly conceived.

AOC: Trump “has the legal version of an ankle bracelet around him, and he can’t leave the 5 boroughs”

Addressing Trump’s plans for the rally, the outspoken New York congresswoman said, “By the way, Trump’s doing it in the South Bronx not to make a point but because he’s got court. And the man practically has the legal version of an ankle bracelet around him, and he can’t leave the 5 boroughs because he always has to be in court. So, it is truly an embarrassment to him. And I am looking forward to the response of everyday Bronxites talking about how they feel about him coming to their backyard.”

She just couldn’t help herself.

AOC’s words aren’t necessarily helpful to Democrats

Drawing attention to the fact that Trump is stuck in New York and unable to properly campaign, while so many voters already believe that fact to be unfair, only sets up a situation where the former president is seen as a victim of an unfair process.

Steve Cortes pointed this out on social media, saying, “🚨Wow. @AOC accidentally says the quiet part out loud. She mocks President Trump for holding a rally in the South Bronx and brags about how the Democrats’ lawfare is forcing him to stay in New York City.”

Steve Ferguson piled on, saying, “This is like Biden telling us they had they had the best voter fraud scheme in place.  This is why you don’t tell children secrets.”

Despite the multiple indictments (or perhaps because of them), Trump holds a 1% lead over Biden in the Real Politics average of national polls, with leads in every swing state.

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Portland’s Soros-funded DA just got a big fat pink slip as voters send him packing


There’s been a multi-year experiment in large, Democrat-run cities with the rise to power of prosecutors who won’t prosecute.

By any and all measures that experiment has resulted in complete and total disaster.

Now Portland’s Soros-funded DA just got a big fat pink slip as voters sent him packing.

Mike Schmidt was another in a long line of far-left District Attorneys who came to power amid the protests and rioting over the death of George Floyd.

Like his radical peers, he was able to secure the position after a massive flow of cash from the far-left billionaire George Soros.

Upon securing office, he immediately announced that the vast majority of offenses related to the rioting would never be prosecuted.

In December of 2020, he supported a ballot measure that decriminalized all drug use.

The result is that the city of Portland devolved into an ungovernable and crime-ridden nightmare.

The city lost over 22,000 people since 2020.

Under Schmidt, cops resigned in huge numbers, homicides reached a record high, and the city was forced to declare a state of emergency after an epidemic of fentanyl deaths occurred.

The New York Post editorial board labeled Schmidt a “soft-on-crime, cop-hating district attorney.”

On the other side of the country, it appears that even the very left-wing residents of Portland agreed with that assessment.

Portland voters decided to flush Schmidt

That’s because the voters in Multnomah County, home of Portland, fired the incumbent and replaced him with a former Republican.

According to National Review, Prosecutor Nathan Vasquez defeated Schmidt by a margin of approximately 55%-44%.

It was a jaw-dropping result in a county that voted for Biden by a margin of 79%-18% in 2020.

The union that represents prosecutors endorsed Vasquez in addition to downtown business groups.

That support helped him overcome a last-minute cash surge for Schmidt by Soros and far-left groups.

While campaigning, Vasquez pummeled Schmidt over his failure to prosecute criminals and enforce existing laws.

He told Politico, “Prior to him coming into office, we [prosecuted] somewhere between 12,000 to 20,000 cases a year. Under him, post-COVID, we were under 6,000.”

Even Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D) was forced to admit to Politico that Portlanders can’t deal with the current sky-high levels of drug use and crime. 

Earl Blumenauer said, “It has galvanized a lot of crankiness and people are right to be cranky.”

A victory for the law-abiding

Reaction to Schmidt’s loss was more positive than negative on social media.

Xi Van Fleet wrote, “Great news! Last year we fired Soros’ DA Buta Biberaj in Loudoun County VA. She refused to prosecute the Trans rapist. Instead she went after the father of the rape victim. We must clean up our justice system by kicking out all of the Soros-planted Communist activist DAs.”


Andy Ngo wrote, “It’s official: Portland got the Schmidt kicked out of it! Soros-funded @DAMikeSchmidt has finally conceded after the surge of last-minute ballots failed to help him overcome his gap against centrist challenger Nathan Vasquez. Antifa now have a new target.”


Charlie Kirk wrote, “BREAKING: Portland voters fire pro-crime, Soros-funded DA Mike Schmidt in landslide defeat. A victory for sanity.”


Schmidt says he intends to serve out the remainder of his term through December.

Vasquez told Fox News he intends to stop “open-air drug dealing and drug use while helping connect individuals to treatment.”

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Tumbleweeds and dozens of people greet Biden at a campaign stop in New Hampshire


Democrats are in trouble this year, even if some are trying to put on a good face.

Joe Biden is generating zero enthusiasm from core Democrat constituencies.

Now tumbleweeds and dozens of people greeted Biden at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

President Joe Biden made a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Tuesday.

While what transpired there was vintage Biden, there was nothing normal about the trip when painted in a historical context.

When every past President in recent memory gave a speech to a crowd, there was some level of engagement with the audience.

On Tuesday the audience for Biden, sparse as it was, was nonplussed.

The speech was celebrating the PACT Act, which was enacted in 2022 to make it easier for veterans exposed to toxic compounds to get VA health care.

But this isn’t a divisive topic and hardly electrifying at a moment when Biden’s campaign and the candidate himself could use a jolt of energy. 

More polling problems for the President 

The real reason for the trip is because here in the Granite State, much like in about 35 other states, Biden’s political fortunes are declining quickly.

In a new poll from the New Hampshire Journal, Biden was actually behind Trump with 36.5% compared to Trump’s 36.6%. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. drew 14.6%. 

This is bad news for Biden because the last time a Democrat lost the state in a Presidential race was in 2000 when Al Gore lost to George W. Bush.

But if Biden was counting on winning people over with his words, his campaign better think of a new strategy.

He mispronounced the name of the PACT Act and generally came across as confused, frail, and disoriented.

The New Hampshire reported that after Biden gave his speech he interacted with the small crowd.

But the whole thing just seemed off because there was no excitement or enthusiasm anywhere.

In the back of the room, where cynical reporters were stationed, someone joked, “Maybe Biden died?”

The reply was, “How could you tell?” 

That outlet also reported that Karine Jean-Pierre had her eyes buried in her phone while Democrat bigwigs were distracted among themselves elsewhere in the room, away from the President.

When a reporter asked Rep. Annie Kuster (D) about Biden’s weak showing in the latest poll her response was a “no comment.”

Reporter on Biden’s speech: “That was really bad, wasn’t it? What was the point?”

When the entire event had concluded, one reporter asked, “That was really bad, wasn’t it? What was the point?”

The reaction on social media was merciless.

Kimberly Morin wrote, “Biden can’t even get hardcore Dems to come out and see him babble insanely. Quite hilarious but VERY telling about the lack of support he has.”

New Hampshire state Rep. Keith Ammon asked, “Are they still practicing social distancing?”

Another user commented, “Waiting for someone to yell ‘Bingo.’”

While crowd sizes alone can’t predict the outcome of an election, the enthusiasm gap between Biden supporters and Trump fans is especially stark this year.

Indeed, more people were waving Trump flags outside the venue and chanting “Let’s Go, Brandon!” than listening to Biden speak.

A lot can change in six months, but nervous Democrats would be wise to stock up on the antacids now, just in case current trends hold.

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Drivers in this dangerous city are looking over their shoulders as teenagers commit this eye-popping crime


Many Americans can remember a time when people felt comfortable leaving their homes and cars unlocked.

These days, even locking up your property does not deter criminals.

And teens in this dangerous city have taken advantage of this security flaw to commit crimes.

Los Angeles has become one of America’s auto theft hubs 

Crime has plagued the streets of Los Angeles for many years now.

What has changed is that neighborhoods once considered nice such as North Hollywood have turned into very dangerous areas. 

Most recently, gangs of young people have started exploiting security flaws in vehicles, allowing them to steal them left and right. 

Kia and Hyundai vehicles in particular have a known flaw that allows thieves to easily start the vehicle without a key. 

Although these automobile manufacturers have issued recalls for these flaws, many people across the nation have yet to fix their cars. 

This allows thieves, primarily young men in urban areas, to steal these vehicles with ease. 

In the Los Angeles police division of the Foothills and North Hollywood for example, police report that over 700 vehicles were stolen this year alone. 

Despite this alarming spike in auto theft, law enforcement officials have done everything in their ability to deflect blame and coddle the young thieves. 

For example, North Hollywood detective Lt. Ryan Lee told NBC Los Angeles, “Because of their juvenile age, we certainly want to try to surround them with wraparound services, we want to try to divert them.”

Ryan Lee added that, “It’s particularly fueled through social media, and kids are using that, and they’re using social media to kind of show their joy-riding and stuff.”

North Hollywood Area Capt. Warner A. Castillo even went as far as to deflect any blame, telling NBC Los Angeles, “This is a problem that’s nationwide.”

“It’s not specific to Los Angeles or even the state of California,” the flustered law enforcement officer added. 

Castillo and other Los Angeles officials point to the Kia Boys trend in other cities across America, which has died down significantly in recent years. 

This trend entailed gangs of young hoodlums stealing cars for the sake of joyriding and committing more crimes.

Fortunately, this trend has tapered off in some cities as law enforcement officers ramp up crime prevention programs and more people fix their flawed vehicles. 

Los Angeles officials have allowed crime to build right under their nose

Theft in particular has skyrocketed in Los Angeles in recent years. 

Many young people do not seem to care about facing repercussions for their actions, causing them to steal without a care in the world.

This lack of fear directly results from Los Angeles officials refusing to hold these young criminals accountable for their actions. 

As long as LAPD officers and Los Angeles lawmakers refuse to do their jobs, Angelenos can expect car theft to keep rising. 

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Citizens in Gavin Newsom’s state are bending over backwards to avoid this latest head-scratching crackdown


Democrat-run states are quickly going off the rails.

That is why Texas, Florida, and Tennessee are gaining so many new residents.

And Gavin Newsom’s California has completely lost it with this latest crackdown.

California is quickly going down the tubes.

Despite great weather and picturesque geography, residents and businesses are fleeing in droves.

That’s because Democrats have badly mismanaged the state.

Now in San Diego, beachside yoga classes are on the chopping block.

No more yoga

Yoga instructor Jackie Kowalik told Fox 5, “This is the reason that people live in this city, is spaces like this. So for these spaces to be monitored in such a heavy, unnecessary manner, it just is very confusing to me.”

After her own class was disrupted, Kowalik traveled to another class to see how strictly the crackdown was being enforced.

Kowalik said, “And when I got here, the street was lined with park ranger trucks. There were three Rangers standing on the grass, overlooking a class full of people doing yoga.”

Once the class ended, police moved in and began ticketing everyone.

A yoga practitioner said on video, “It’s ridiculous. We’ve been here for 17 years. . .And now they’re like, ‘No, we’re shutting this down.’”

A Fox 5 reporter noted, “The law for decades primarily focused on permitted food vendors that was recently updated to prohibit businesses from operating beach events, and new language lists yoga and other activities as a service.”

Kowalik asked police officers what would be permitted.

She explained, “What if it’s a completely free class? The answer was no. Okay, well, what if a group of friends comes down here and wants to do a yoga class? Are you going to stop and interrupt them? The answer was yes, we’ll find out if it’s an organized group.”


San Diego is the odd purple big city in California where moderate Republicans can actually get elected.

However, Republican Mayor Kevin Faulconer was replaced by far-left Mayor Todd Gloria.

Mayor getting heat

Kowalik and other yoga instructors hired a lawyer who sent a cease-and-desist letter to Gloria and City Attorney Mara Elliott.

Attorney Bryan Pease wrote in the letter that it was “unclear how and when these provisions specifically targeting yoga in city parks were added to the ordinance, which was first introduced at the [Oct.] 5, 2023 Community and Neighborhood Services of the San Diego City Council by Councilmember Jennifer Cambell to address the issue of sidewalk vending. Yoga was not mentioned in the staff report, agenda, or minutes of this meeting.”

For whatever reason, the Left have waged a War on Yoga in San Diego.

This is a textbook example of anarcho-tyranny in action.

Criminals are given free rein while law-abiding citizens receive heavy-handed crackdowns.

NBA legend Bill Walton, a longtime San Diego native, wrote a letter to Mayor Gloria over rising crime in the city.

Walton wrote, “Once again, while peacefully riding my bike early this Sunday morning in Balboa Park, I was threatened, chased, and assaulted by the homeless population in our park. Once again, you’ve done, and continue to do, nothing.”

Mayor Todd Gloria has done something.

He’s cracked down on yoga.

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Parents in this Democrat stronghold are throwing up their hands and saying enough is enough


Years of Democrat leadership have turned New York City into America’s crime capitol. 

Every day, reports emerge of random acts of violence plaguing law-abiding citizens in New York City and its surrounding communities. 

And parents in this Democrat stronghold have finally said enough is enough. 

New York’s crippling crime problem has forced concerned parents to take drastic action

Crime rages out of control across New York City, with random acts of violence becoming the new normal in the Big Apple. 

Even the nicest parts of New York City have become overwhelmed with crime. 

Rather than go after dangerous criminals, officials such as New York City’s District Attorney have prioritized coming after Donald Trump. 

As a result, concerned parents across New York City and its surrounding communities have taken matters into their own hands. 

A recent report shows that many parents and schools have turned to armed security guards, namely in Nassau County on Long Island. 

In fact, nearly two dozen school districts in the vicinity of New York City have approved measures allowing armed guards to guard schools. 

However, the vast majority of schools in Nassau and neighboring Suffolk County do not have armed security. 

According to Newsday, only 17% of the almost 420,000 students in these two counties go to schools with armed security guards present. 

These armed security guards cost taxpayers nearly $1 million a year, however many taxpayers in the area do not seem to mind. 

A local resident named Bob Clemente voiced his support for armed security guards to Fox News, saying “I do think it’s money well spent.”

“Especially when you have so many children dying,” the fed-up New York man added. 

Another local resident named Deborah told Fox News, “When you talk about your children’s life, if there’s a threat for violence in the school, then it’s worth every penny to pay to protect our kids.”

Experts also agree that hiring armed security guards to patrol schools could prevent mass shootings and other forms of violence, which have become very prevalent in New York. 

Among these experts is former FBI agent Nicole Parker, who helped to investigate the horrific mass shooting that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. 

Parker told Fox News Digital, “Obviously, a school is one of the most vulnerable locations because you have large amounts of minors being overseen by a small number of administrators and teachers who typically have no way to defend themselves or their students from the adversary.”

“Having an armed security guard or law enforcement officer at the entry point of the school is crucial in protecting the innocent,” Parker added. 

As Democrat lawmakers continue to ignore crime, more citizens will turn to alternative measures for protection 

Lawmakers in New York have proven that policing crime is not a priority for them. 

Political theatrics, such as the Trump trial, have taken precedence, putting millions of lives at risk. 

As criminals roam the street looking for helpless victims, expect more people to turn to alternative methods to protect themselves. 

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Parents are rioting after Massachusetts officials endanger children by rolling out the red carpet for illegal aliens

Ideology trumps all else, even if it means sacrificing the safety of children.

That’s the mindset of the average Leftist official in politics today.

And Massachusetts officials proved they care more about housing illegal aliens than innocent kids’ safety with their latest action.

Illegal immigration has become a major problem since Joe Biden assumed the presidency.

Many opposed to what has effectively become open borders anarchy because of the current administration’s failures have long warned of the consequences of allowing millions of unvetted illegal aliens to migrate into the United States.

Already, because of the huge influx, we’ve seen cases of measles in Chicago, and the murder of a college student in Georgia.

That short list barely scratches the surface of the ramifications caused by Biden’s border crisis. 

Now, amid the arrival of tens of thousands of illegal aliens in the Bay State, resources are stretched thin and that’s opening the door to potentially disastrous consequences.

Failure of government at multiple levels leads to a terrible situation

According to a new report by the Boston Globe, the administration of Governor Maura Healey (D) has placed hundreds of homeless families, many illegal aliens with young children, in hotels with registered sex offenders.

An investigation by that outlet suggests that the state failed to properly vet the sites as thousands of illegal aliens arrived from the country’s southern border.

The state had long ago instituted the Emergency Assistance program, which was designed to help house families with children and pregnant women who would otherwise be homeless.

Now, half the families staying in Emergency Assistance hotels and shelters are illegal aliens, many of whom don’t speak English.

To date, the state has spent nearly $1 billion to house newly arriving families and is supporting around 23,000 new arrivals in the state.

Among that group are more than a few bad apples.

One of the hotels identified by the Globe as housing sex offenders is a Comfort Inn in Rockland.

Here, a 26-year-old man allegedly raped a 15-year-old girl in March. 

Both are illegal immigrants from Haiti who were living in the hotel.

Sadly, there have been other incidents like this.

A man who was convicted of “repeatedly and indecently assaulting” a girl under 14 is reportedly living  at a Colonial Traveler Inn, and other families who were placed in the hotel did not seem to be notified.

“Get those sex offenders out”

Carline Desire is the executive director of the Association of Haitian Women and she says, “This shouldn’t be happening. They need to get those sex offenders out.”

Keven Connor is a spokesman for the government agency responsible for housing in the Healey administration and says, “The safety and wellbeing of the 7,500 families in Emergency Assistance shelter is a priority for our administration. We will continue to take all possible steps to ensure the safety of EA residents and carefully review any situation that comes before us to act quickly to protect families.”

Despite Connor’s words the Globe’s requests for information on sex offenders were rejected, but Healey’s Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities says that shelters are checked against the sex offender registry every six months.

In the end, this state of affairs is just one more consequence of Joe Biden’s refusal to secure the nation’s southern border, coupled with Massachusetts state government incompetence.

For the sake of the law-abiding and the innocent kids, here’s to hoping that November offers the chance for a badly needed policy course correction.

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Oregon ‘trans’ highschooler ignites shocking crowd reaction after this predictable result in the girls’ track event


What would have been considered beyond the pale until very recently is now championed in some quarters.

But in this case, public opinion has moved decidedly against the Left for good reason.

Now an Oregon ‘trans’ high schooler is upset after one video captures a crowd reacting to the outcome of this girls’ track event. 

You can win a race but that doesn’t mean you’ve won the argument.

That’s the story when it comes to an Oregon track event last week.

High school runner Aayden Gallagher was booed while being crowned as the Oregon Girls’ 6A 200-meter state champion.

On its face, that sounds like pretty unfortunate treatment for an athlete who happens to be a minor, but there’s a good reason that it happened.

A win but with a huge asterisk

That’s because Aayden Gallagher is a boy.

The runner won the state title by two-tenths of a second. 

That’s when the booing started.

The crowd was heard cheering the female runner who was in the lead at the beginning of the video that was captured of the incident. 

Gradually, the cheers gave way to booing as Gallagher eclipsed his female opponent and stole the win from the girl.

According to the final results of the tournament, Gallagher won the 200-meter and came in second in the 400-meter.

News of what had occurred sparked a national outrage on social media.

The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) policy for transgender participation in high school sports says, “The OSAA endeavors to allow students to participate for the athletic or activity program of their consistently asserted gender identity while providing a fair and safe environment for all students. As with Rule 8.2 regarding Duration of Eligibility/ Graduation, rules such as this one promote harmony and fair competition among member schools by maintaining equality of eligibility and increasing the number of students who will have an opportunity to participate in interscholastic activities.”

The rules further state, “Once a transgender student has notified the student’s school of their gender identity, the student shall be consistently treated as that gender for purposes of eligibility for athletics and activities, provided that if the student has tried out or participated in an activity, the student may not participate during that same season on a team of the other gender.”

But whether Gallagher’s win was “by the book” or not – many, perhaps a majority, were unimpressed by what had happened.

Riley Gaines: “Just listen to the audible BOOS. People are over this…& it’s about time.”

Kentucky swimmer and Save Women’s Sports advocate Riley Gaines highlighted the incident on X, saying, “Another proud moment for women’s sports! Aayden Gallagher (male) just placed 1st in the Oregon state championship in the women’s 200m after placing 2nd in the 400m. Just listen to the audible BOOS. People are over this…& it’s about time.”

She added, “Look at the girls on the podium applauding when 2nd place (the rightful winner) is announced. Then watch them when the boy’s name is announced. Stop saying girls are okay with this because they aren’t. This is heartbreaking and deeply regressive.”

Gaines’ sentiment is shared by many, and the issue promises to play a role in the upcoming presidential election.

Just weeks ago, a group of middle school girls in West Virginia was barred from competing in a track and field event after protesting a transgender athlete’s inclusion in the meet.

A recent poll conducted by Parents Defending Education revealed that over 70% of more than 1,000 adults surveyed oppose allowing biological males to compete in female sports teams.

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