District Attorney breaks into truth-telling mode in feud with Gavin Newsom over heart-breaking case

Leftist policies in their purest forms almost always carry heavy collateral damage costs.

Now Gavin Newsom has blood on his hands according to one District Attorney.

And she just broke into truth-telling mode in her feud with Gavin Newsom over this heart-breaking case.

California’s Fresno County District Attorney, Lisa Smittcamp, came down hard on Governor Gavin Newsom recently saying he has blood on his hands following the death of a young police officer.

That news comes after 24-year-old police officer Gonzalo Carrasco Jr. was killed this past week.

Police recruit killed by suspect out on probation after prison realignment

Police believe the Selma Police Department recruit was killed by a 23-year-old convict who was out of prison thanks to California’s AB 109 probation law.

Immediately following the police officer’s death Smittcamp issued a statement not only holding Newsom accountable, but also calling out “every legislator in the state of California who supports this over-reaching phenomenon they try to disguise as legitimate criminal justice reform.”

She pointed out that the suspected killer has admitted to being part of a gang and should have been in prison through much of 2027 based on his original sentence on charges related to his past violent criminal history.

“However, because of laws passed in the last few years that give additional credits for time served in local jail, and other new laws which allow for arbitrary ‘accelerated time credits’ upon entry to the prison system, his release date was set for August 23, 2022, a mere 5 months after his original sentence,” Smittcamp pointed out in a statement.

“He was eventually released in late September 2022 and placed on Post Release Community Supervision when he should have been serving more time in prison,” she added.

“The Governor and certain members of the California legislature have created a warped system that allows active and violent criminals to receive arbitrary ‘time credits’ in an effort to reduce the state prison population to reach their goals of closing more prison facilities,” she went on to explain.

“The Governor and his political allies who continue the quest to close state prisons are increasing the incidents of violence to everyone who lives in, or visits, the state of California. No city or county is safe from the wrath of this misguided thinking, and this mismanaged prison system,” she noted.

Newsom, who is focusing all his time and energy on going after firearms instead of the people misusing them, fired back blaming Smittcamp for prosecuting the case incorrectly.

“She should blame herself,” he said during one of his gun grabbing press conferences. “I’ve been listening to this for years from her. She has the prosecutorial discretion. Ask her what she did in terms of prosecuting that case. I’m sick and tired of being lectured by her on public safety. Sick and tired.”

Of course, that went over like a lead balloon considering that Smittcamp did go after the criminal and managed to secure a prison sentence that ultimately wasn’t honored thanks to Newsom and his leftist buddies.

“Governor Newsom continues to demonstrate his ignorance and lack of understanding of how the criminal justice system works,” Smittcamp complained. “His arrogant and defensive response is proof positive that he is attempting to deflect responsibility for his failed policies, but he also proves, once again, his lack of understanding of the sentencing structure and process in which criminal cases are handled in the Superior Courts of the State of California.”

Not only does Newsom seem to be clueless about how the law works—despite having carved out a career as a politician—it seems he’s determined to willfully ignore how human nature works.

No amount of going after inanimate objects in his crusade to achieve gun control is going to make California safer.

Gun control policies are nothing more than an expansion of government control over law abiding citizens.

The harder Newsom and his leftist buddies work to implement pro-crime policies alongside gun control initiatives, the more the Golden State will become a golden opportunity for criminal elements.

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Gavin Newsom doesn’t want to talk about one horrific crime in his state

People are leaving California in droves.

A lack of public safety in the big cities is a major reason why.

And Gavin Newsom doesn’t want to talk about one horrific crime in his state.

Gavin Newsom recently posed for a photo op after a horrific mass shooting in Los Angeles.

He stumped for more control while claiming to support Second Amendment rights.

But Newsom is not eager to discuss another horrific murder that took place in his state.

While riding his bicycle, Dr. Michael Mammone was run over by a man, Vanroy Evan Smith, speeding in a Lexus in Orange County.

Smith then got out of the car and stabbed Mammone to death.

Suspect shouted racial slurs against white victim, witnesses claim

According to witnesses at the scene, Smith shouted anti-white slurs and ranted about white privilege while stabbing Mammone.

Smith, a former accountant, made several posts on social media discussing white privilege and issues of race.

In one post, Smith wrote, “By appearance and established standards, I am called a black man. Does that mean I deny and reject half of my ancestry. How do we tell someone to filter things like that from their blood? All in all, we really need to change our way of thinking. Black and white is completely different from light and darkness. Our history has told us otherwise, and we act and respond to each other based on these beliefs; but no matter how much you say a thing, if it is based on a lie, it will never become truth.”

Needless to say, if the races were reversed and the fact pattern was exactly the same, this would be a national news story.

But similar to the Waukesha Christmas parade massacre, legacy media is not interested in the story because it does not fit a hard-Left agenda.

All of the details about the murder are not yet clear, but all evidence shows that the attack was random and Smith did not know Mammone.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said in a statement, “An innocent man is dead because he took a bike ride to enjoy a beautiful California day along the beach and he was hit with a car and stabbed to death by someone he apparently never met…The murder of a complete stranger in broad daylight for what appears to be absolutely no reason is the stuff of nightmares…This unspeakable act of violence will forever haunt those who were forced to witness it and it will forever haunt all of those who loved Dr. Mammone.”

If it’s true that Smith shouted anti-white slurs, it leads to speculation that he was radicalized by the incessant left-wing narrative that America is a white supremacist country.

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Community stunned as elected Republican falls victim to one horrific crime

Crime has trended in the wrong direction over the past few years.

Public safety has become a major concern for many voters.

But a community is stunned after an elected Republican falls victim to one horrific crime.

The police and the FBI are investigating the murder of New Jersey Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour, who was gunned down in her car outside her home.

The murder appeared to be a targeted hit, as Dwumfour was shot multiple times from close range.

Witnesses said they heard two sets of four gunshots.

Dwumfour’s SUV rolled downhill and crashed into parked cars on the street.

A neighbor told the press, “They looked outside and they saw someone running into the woods, which leads to the parkway.”

Witnesses supposedly saw someone wearing a hoodie run between two buildings and jump a fence.

Governor Phil Murphy wrote in a statement, “I am stunned by the news of Sayreville Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour’s murder last evening in an act of gun violence. Her career of public service was just beginning, and by all accounts she had already built a reputation as a committed member of the Borough Council who took her responsibility with the utmost diligence and seriousness. I send my condolences to Councilwoman Dwumfour’s family and friends, her governing body colleagues, and the entire Sayreville community.”

Shot dead in front of her home

Dwumfour first took office in January 2021.

Middlesex County Prosecutor Yolanda Ciccone said that Dwumfour’s politics don’t seem to be a motive at this time.

Murphy added, “Sayreville is a proud, tight-knit, and safe community and I know that it will come together, as it always has, in common purpose. The New Jersey State Police are supporting the ongoing investigation, and I urge anyone with information to contact either the Sayreville Police or the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office.”

Eze Kings, Dwumfour’s husband, posted a strange message on Facebook, wishing his wife a happy birthday even though it’s a month away.

He wrote, “4th March is your birthday happy glorious birthday in addy my love.”

New Jersey Republican Party Chairman Bob Hugin said in a statement, “We will remember Eunice for her steadfast dedication to the community, as well as her deep and abiding Christian faith. We have the utmost confidence that law enforcement will bring the perpetrators of this heartbreaking tragedy to justice. God Bless Councilwoman Dwumfour and her family.”

Crime has become a major concern for Americans around the country.

According to a Gallup poll, for the first time since 1972, a majority of U.S. adults (56%) said there is more crime in their local area than there was the year prior.

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Newsom family scandal: Governor’s wife was caught reportedly bilking California taxpayers with one disgusting scheme

Gavin Newsom’s first marriage blew up amid scandal with the woman who went on to become Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancée.

But in the following years it seemed the California Governor had finally built the perfect political family.

Now, a Newsom family scandal just blew up—and his wife was caught reportedly bilking California taxpayers with one disgusting scheme.

Gavin Newsom has 1.4 million reasons to be all for the radical left’s “gender identity” hysteria.

Last month Gavin Newsom’s wife made headlines for all the wrong reasons when it came to light that her non-profit charity – The Representation Project, which supposedly fights for “gender justice” – has allegedly been operating illegally in the state for nearly a year after failing to meet state compliance requirements.

This isn’t the first time Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s financial dealings have come under scrutiny.

Back in 2021 there was an outcry after it was discovered that companies lobbying the California state government in recent years also donated more than $800,000 to The Representation Project.

Siebel Newsom has pulled $2.3 million in salary from the non-profit since it was launched in 2011.

But that isn’t the end of the story.

Newsom’s “Girls Club”

It turns out California’s First Lady also has a for-profit side business called Girls Club Entertainment.

Since launching in 2012 that company has pulled in as much as $1,483,001 charging public school districts screening licenses to watch “gender identity” films.

Considering that her husband has held the office of either Lieutenant Governor or Governor since January 2011, Siebel Newsom’s business ventures—both taking cash from lobbyists and taxpayers—are clear conflicts of interest.

Governor Newsom even makes an appearance in two of the four videos produced by Girls Club Entertainment and apparently distributed through his wife’s non-profit.

“According to The Representation Project’s Impact Report (2011-2021), the organization’s film curricula are being used in over 5,000 schools in all fifty states. The Representation Project claims over 11,200 copies of the curricula have been distributed, reaching more than 2.6 million students,” watchdog group Open the Books revealed.

It’s not merely a cash cow for California’s first family, the videos are also a wholesale leftist indoctrination program for the aspiring presidential candidate’s pet political agenda.

“Newsom’s films and curricula are saturated with images lifted directly from pornographic websites, their URLs visible onscreen,” Open the Books founder Adam Andrzejewski explained. “Minors are exposed to social commentaries about privilege and oppression, and one commentator says Americans need to ‘express shame and sorrow about who we are and what we’ve done’ as a society.”

“When paired with calls to organize and spread the films more widely, it’s clear that Siebel Newsom seeks to activate students politically and in accordance with some radical ideologies about gender, identity, race and privilege,” Andrzejewski added.

The Newsoms are certainly a power couple in most senses of the word, but they are walking on thin ice with practices that appear to clearly cross ethical boundaries and test exactly how far they can go when it comes to violating the law as well.

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California reparations panel just proved that nothing will ever be enough for far-Left activists

Give them an inch and they will take a yard.

That’s the mantra of the Left as they never met a social crusade that they didn’t want to push to cartoonish levels of absurdity.

Now, the California reparations panel just proved that nothing will ever be enough for far-Left activists.

California’s infamous reparations panel continues to set the bar higher and higher.

First, the demand was for over $200K for each black resident in California.

That quickly was increased to $1 million before demanding that $5 million was fair.

This all comes despite the fact that slavery was never even a thing in California.

Now the panel wants the state legislature to close ten prisons and give those currently incarcerated criminals the right to vote.

“There’s no way we are getting rehabilitated in these jails today”

One activist who spoke about the prison system told the panel, “There’s no way we are getting rehabilitated in these jails today and I heard you guys say, ‘Let’s train ’em better. No, no, no.’ If you guys want to be serious about reparations, let the last for first on this one. I lost one brother in 2011 in the penitentiary. He died from a staph infection. Four years ago, my older brother got sentenced to 27 years to life for manslaughter which only carries up to 11 years. They still doing it to us today! Let’s stop this.”

Reparations panel chairperson Kamilah V. Moore said that the panel may support allowing those who were ‘harmed’ in California but moved to another state subsequently to apply.

Another panel member, Cheryl Grills, said, “We want to be as inclusive as possible, because the harm is everywhere. It’s omnipresent and it touches all Black folks.”

Some of the most notorious criminals in the country, including serial killers and lifelong gang members, are currently serving their time in the California prisons that these leftists want to shutter.

That isn’t all, as Moore has other plans.

More taxes than you can shake a stick at

The panel is considering proposing a state estate tax, a mansion tax or a graduated-property tax in its recommendations to the state legislature, which are due this summer.

Tax law experts interviewed say that white people are more likely to be wealthy, so they claim that redistributing wealth would directly benefit the black population.

Of course, one wonders whether Black Lives Matter would be subject to the mansion tax.

What this all boils down to is that the powers that be in the once Golden State are inviting more divisiveness with racialist policies that will do nothing to help the residents.

It seems the politicians won’t be content until all those with the means to move away from the insane asylum that is the state of California head for the exits, and that process is already underway.

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Bernie Sanders’ state is proposing one insane policy in light of a landmark Supreme Court ruling

The Democratic Party has traveled to the fringes.

Communist Bernie Sanders doesn’t even seem like a radical figure anymore.

Now Sanders’s state is proposing one insane policy in light of a landmark Supreme Court ruling.

Bernie Sanders has won reelection repeatedly in the state of Vermont.

It’s not hard to see why as the state is wildly left-wing.

Now the Vermont Action Fund, Planned Parenthood’s political arm in the Green Mountain State, is pushing for radical abortion policies.

For starters, the Vermont Action Fund wants to eliminate the word “woman” from its “healthcare” work.

This is an example of the Left’s Orwellian manipulation of language.

“people with uteruses”

Activists have attempted to reframe abortion as simply another form of healthcare, not taking the life of a baby.

And “woman” has become a noninclusive term because “trans women are women,” as the mantra goes.

Additionally, the Vermont Action Fund wants to exclude terms such as “feminine” and “female.”

The Planned Parenthood group released a TikTok video that claimed, “Access to abortion is an intersectional issue…Our language needs to acknowledge those intersections.”

The video also called women “people with uteruses.”

According to most dictionaries, the plural of uterus is uteri, but activists are taught propaganda in school, not reading, writing, and arithmetic.

So-called mainstream media outlets and organizations have adopted this “intersectional” language.

For example, it’s not uncommon to see terms like “birthing people” or “people who menstruate” in publications.

Some of the other language-policing from the Vermont Action Fund included using “person’s choice” instead of “woman’s choice.”

“Women’s healthcare” has been substituted for “reproductive healthcare.”

“Feminine hygiene products” are now “menstrual products.”

This is truly nightmarish stuff, and the Democrats are doing nothing to stop it.

The push for more “inclusive” language probably has to do with the fact that Planned Parenthood is now in the gender transition business.

Helena Kerschner, a young woman who “de-transitioned” after being swept up in radical gender ideology as a teenager, detailed how easy it was to get drugs.

Kerschner wrote, “I made an appointment at a Planned Parenthood to begin a testosterone regimen. At my first appointment, I was prescribed testosterone, and I would remain on this regimen for a year and a half. It had an extremely negative effect on my mental health, and I finally admitted what a disaster it had been when I was 19…”

The Left have dropped all pretenses of being moderate.

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Eric Adams is steaming with rage after illegal aliens do the unthinkable in NYC

America’s southern border with Mexico is in the midst of an unmitigated crisis, there is simply no other way of putting it.

The effects of this crisis are far-reaching, and by now nearly every single American can feel the impact of mass illegal immigration.

Now even Eric Adams is steaming with rage after illegal aliens do the unthinkable in NYC.

New York’s sanctuary city law is proving to be a complete disaster

America is under attack. Each and every day, thousands of illegal aliens flood into America with no end in sight.

A major reason for this invasion is the pro-illegal immigration policies that have been passed by Joe Biden and his Democrat allies all across the nation.

One policy in particular that has attracted droves of illegal aliens is the so-called sanctuary city or sanctuary state laws.

These laws allow illegal aliens to live in their jurisdiction without fear of prosecution by state or local law enforcement officials for their illegal presence in the country.

These laws are not only a flagrant defiance of federal law, but they have also attracted millions of illegal aliens into the nation.

As a result of their pro-crime and pro-illegal immigration policies combined with an influx of illegal aliens from bussing programs coordinated by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a massive flood of illegal aliens has come to New York City.

Almost as soon as the first busload of illegal aliens arrived in New York City, Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has been lamenting their presence in the city.

The biggest concern for Eric Adams and New York City officials is where to put these busloads of illegal aliens.

Eric Adams has said that he will work on developing low-income housing for these illegal aliens, and in the meantime, he ordered that they be placed in luxury hotels.

One hotel that they were placed in is the Watson Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen, which provided them luxurious accommodation as well as plenty of food all at the expense of taxpayers.

Despite having these very generous accommodations, many of these illegal aliens are complaining that they are not good enough for them, and are refusing to leave now that their time in the hotel is up.

Understandably, Eric Adams is furious about the ungratefulness and stubbornness of these illegal aliens.

It is hard to feel bad for Eric Adams and New Yorkers, who have passed one ridiculous pro-illegal immigration law after another in recent years.

Now, these leftists are finally paying the price for their terrible policies.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.

California’s complete incompetence puts U.S. taxpayers on the hook because of one action by Golden State thieves

California prides itself on being at the forefront of pushing far-Left policy on everyone, even as the state’s politics are wildly out of sync with much of the rest of the nation.

Whether it’s fuel standards that drive up the price of gasoline or open borders that lead to illegal immigrants driving up medical costs, the state has a nasty habit of making everyday Americans pay more.

Now, California’s complete incompetence puts U.S. taxpayers on the hook because of one action by Golden State thieves.

California officials say that thieves are wiping out the cash and food benefits from thousands of low-income families’ electronic benefits cards in the state.

The problem is that the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards issued to the welfare recipients lack basic security features.

The state grants food aid to 2.8 million families a year through the service, but the issued cards are vulnerable to theft due to a lack of security chips, which prevent thieves from utilizing “skimming” devices to copy card numbers and illegally withdraw funds.

EBT theft has nearly doubled since 2019 as cards lack basic security features

According to state documents, the amount of EBT theft has nearly doubled since 2019.

The problem is so pervasive that many recipients say they have been victims of theft multiple times in the span of just a few months.

It has gotten so bad that the state had to issue a public service video, warning about EBT fraud.

But it isn’t just the security chips.

Until last June, the state’s EBT cards didn’t even include the three-digit “CVV” security codes typically on the back of credit and debit cards that banks use for an additional layer of fraud prevention.

According to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s budget proposal, the social services department is proposing to spend $76.5 million over the next three years to upgrade EBT cards with “enhanced security features.”

Lena Silver, an associate director at Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County, says, “To improve the security of the EBT system itself, so that people who rely on this very minimal food and cash assistance to survive, to bring their EBT system up to the same consumer standards that everyone else enjoys is the ultimate goalposts that we all need to be reaching for. I feel that the EBT system was like the last place where things are so unsafe and so poor in terms of consumer protection.”

Sadly, this isn’t just a California problem.

Taxpayers are the ones who will have to pay back all the victims’ reimbursements for theft.

In December, a Congressional spending bill was passed that allowed for theft victims to seek reimbursement through federal funds.

If California can’t figure this problem out on its own then federal pressure needs to be applied to protect the interests of hard-working Americans just trying to earn a living in Joe Biden’s lousy economy.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.

Sen. Jon Fetterman lands sweet committee spots even while refusing to answer one critical question

Freshman Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) stunned political watchers when he won his race without publicly campaigning for most of his race.

Now the Democrat is landing some sweet committee spots.

And he’s doing it while refusing to answer one critical question.

Former Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman suffered a debilitating stroke a mere four days before the Democrat primary in the 2022 Pennsylvania Senate race.

Instead of postponing his ambitions to enter the US Senate, Fetterman’s campaign plowed ahead, going underground with a basement campaign.

Due to Fetterman’s difficulty processing speech following his stroke when he was finally forced out of hibernation near the end of his campaign, his debate performance was underwhelming at best.

And he even had to use a special closed captioning device to comprehend questions from reporters.

In 2020 despite habitual absence from the campaign trail, Democrats rallied around Joe Biden.

In 2022 Pennsylvania Democrats followed that same model.

But Joe Biden was actually out campaigning – this time on Fetterman’s behalf to ensure Pennsylvania made their contribution to helping Democrats maintain a majority in the Senate.

Fetterman poised to be a Farm Bill powerbroker

Now, in addition to getting into the Senate, it looks like Fetterman is being rewarded handsomely in political currency.

Even as Fetterman continues to refuse all calls for media appearances to determine his fitness for office, somehow the freshman senator is scoring plum committee assignments.

The Senate freshman has landed a coveted spot on the Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee.

He also landed a seat on the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee as well as the Environment and Public Works Committee.

On top of that he’s on the Special Committee on Aging—one that’s already chaired by the other Senator from Pennsylvania, Bob Casey.

His spot on the Agriculture Committee is the biggest coup since it makes him one of 23 Senators who will get a front row seat when it comes to shaping the 2023 Farm Bill—a massive spending bill that only comes up once every five years.

It was last approved in 2018 and included a total of 428 billion in tax dollars to be spent over a five-year period on everything from subsidies for green farmers to food stamps.

Considering that food processing is the second biggest industry in Pennsylvania, there’s sure plenty of opportunities for Fetterman to score points with his constituents.

Even though Fetterman has largely refused to address his cognitive challenges publicly, according to TIME magazine the Senate chambers are undergoing an extensive technology upgrade in order to provide Fetterman with closed captioning devices everywhere he needs to work.

It seems Democrats are determined to keep Pennsylvania’s Senate seats blue—and they’ll go to any length to do so.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.

This alleged New York City stickup gang just got blindsided

After years of pro-crime policies being passed by the Left in many cities and states, crime is raging out of control.

Criminals simply no longer have to worry about facing any of the consequences of their actions.

But this alleged New York City stickup gang just got blindsided.

New York City is a hotbed for crime and Democrats are entirely to blame

Nearly every single city and community in America has been plagued by out-of-control crime in recent years.

Pro-crime policies such as cashless bail, and defunding the police are almost entirely to blame for this spike in crime.

New York City is one of many cities that passed these sort of policies during the race riots of 2020, and the result have been devastating.

Mobs and gangs of criminals have taken over the streets of New York, often targeting vulnerable pedestrians and businesses.

One such gang was just captured by law enforcement, and they even had the nerve to brag about New York’s pro-crime policies.

In the early morning hours of January 31, career criminals Alvin Velez and Carlos Perez were arrested after the two allegedly robbed 13 victims all across New York City.

According to local outlet AMNY, Velez has served time for attempted murder, while Perez has a previous conviction on weapons charges.

Some of his victims supposedly include a food truck worker, a pair of people who were checking into their hotel room, and a group of six people dining together.

After allegedly terrorizing New York City for several hours, the duo crashed their car and were quickly apprehended by law enforcement.

Upon being arrested, Alvin Velez joked that “In 24 hours, I’ll be out on bail.”

The sad thing is, under normal circumstances, he would be right, however federal agents got involved this time.

The Left has ratched their “Defund The Police” movement back up in the wake of Tyre Nicholas’s death at the hands of local black officers in Memphis, TN – despite the fact that everyone involved was black.

Democrats have long been accused of using such incidents to push for federalized police power.

And the massive robbery spree like Velez and Perez are accused of offers federal officers the chance to make local policing look bad and possibly boost public support for federalizing law enforcement.

In reality, the problem isn’t the police but New York’s cashless bail system Velez joked about.

But with the feds prosecuting Velez and Perez, they will not be released on bail.

New York and other cities must start taking crime seriously

New York needs to start getting serious about crime and reform its bail laws.

The two suspects in this case did what they did because they firmly believed they would not face any consequences if they got caught.

The very fact that Alvin Velez bragged about New York’s pro-crime bail policies shows that the only people who benefit from these policies are criminals and the Left’s pushing to abolish local cops and federalize policing instead.

Law-abiding citizens and business owners are the ones who suffer the most from these brain-dead policies that have been passed by Democrat lawmakers.

Until policies like cashless bail are overturned, expect more and more federal involvement creeping in as crime keeps going up in New York City and other crime-infested cities across the nation.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.

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California prides itself on being at the forefront of pushing far-Left policy on everyone, even as the state's politics are wildly out of sync...