Jaws dropped when John Fetterman emerged as only the 2nd most shocking Pennsylvania candidate elected Tuesday

Despite rumors of a close Senate race in Pennsylvania this year, John Fetterman and the Democrats were able to win by a comfortable margin on Election Day.

Except they didn’t, they won on Election Month.

But jaws still dropped when John Fetterman emerged as only the 2nd most shocking Pennsylvania candidate elected Tuesday.

Pennsylvania did not go as planned for conservatives

Despite having a gaffe-prone campaign, as well as an elementary school understanding of public policy, John Fetterman won his race in Pennsylvania for the United States Senate.

There are many reasons for this victory by the Democrats, but the primary reasons are the GOP’s failure to produce a winning candidate that conservatives could coalesce around or recognize they need a ground game geared toward Election Month instead of Election Day when pandemic voting procedures remain in place.

Dr. Oz was doomed from the start and only won by a miniscule margin during the primaries thanks to Sean Hannity’s full-throated support convincing Trump to endorse him.

But the writing was definitely on the wall when Democrats were able to harvest over 680,000 votes for Fetterman before the candidates ever squared off in a debate thanks to early voting and Democrats’ mail-in, ballot harvesting, and early vote operations.

Nevertheless, many political experts were caught off guard by the comfortable 4-point margin that Fetterman won by.

Pennsylvania Democrat State Rep. re-elected despite being deceased

But Fetterman’s win was not even the most shocking outcome in Pennsylvania on Election Night.

That distinction goes to Anthony “Tony” DeLuca who won his re-election bid for Pennsylvania’s 32nd district in the state House of Representatives.

But here’s the rub, DeLuca died on October 8 of this year after a long battle with lymphoma.

Yes, you read that right, Pennsylvania voters actually voted a dead man into office.

Because the Keystone State has the earliest start to early voting in the nation – beginning on September 19 – DeLuca was almost certainly alive when many voters cast their ballots.

Of course, there will be a special election in the near future to replace this seat with somebody who is alive.

Many are claiming this vote was a symbolic gesture, however for many, it was a ridiculous mockery of the democratic process.

Elections are not designed to honor people, they are designed to elect the best person to fill a particular office.

The future of Pennsylvania and GOP politics after this insane vote

The results out of Pennsylvania prove why there is such a desperate need for reforms in the election process and within the Republican Party political machine.

Dead people should not be elected to office.

And the Republican Party needs to stop pretending elections are still won on Election Day Get Out The Vote drives and start understanding and planning to win based on the mechanics of elections as they are actually being conducted.

This ought to be common sense, but as they say, common sense is not so common anymore.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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