Urban outdoorsman’s “choices” just turned tragic in this notorious liberal-run city

There is no way of sugar-coating it at this point, homelessness is taking over America.

Just about every city in America is littered with disgusting homeless camps, and often there is very little residents can do about it.

But things took a tragic and very serious turn for the worse when an “urban outdoorsman” made a very poor life choice that left a resident dead.

Across the nation, and particularly on the west coast, homelessness has gotten way out of control.

In many cities, tents and homeless encampments are even overwhelming expensive neighborhoods.

These encampments are often riddled with drugs, pestilence, and violent crime, and these plagues are often spread way beyond the limits of the encampments.

Unfortunately, Democrats who overwhelmingly run things in these cities practically encourage the camps and the choices that lead citizens to wind up in them.

Cities such as Denver, Colorado, and Seattle, Washington have reclassified homelessness as “urban camping” which makes it virtually impossible to remove these bums from the streets.

Instead of bums, homeless people are referred to as “urban campers” or “urban outdoorsmen.”

A tragedy just unfolded in Seattle at one particularly large and obnoxious homeless camp.

One urban outdoorsman, Jaycee Thompson, allegedly barged into “a man’s makeshift structure at the camp before shooting him in the face with a shotgun,” according to local ABC affiliate KOMO News.

The unidentified man died.

In response to the murder, the homeless camp that the suspect lived in was torched to the ground, leaving makeshift toilets, drug paraphernalia, and unstable propane tanks behind.

The arson is causing local residents to speak out on the lawlessness.

“They’re making choices based upon their circumstances and the world upon which they live. That’s fine and I respect their choices until such time, as the bullets start flying in the direction of my house. which they have. Then I say, ‘Alright this is unacceptable,’” one concerned resident told the ABC affiliate.

That quote perfectly summarizes the way the radical Left thinks.

Everything is fine and dandy until it affects them.

Homeless camps, drug deals, and prostitution are all fine until they get shot at on the way to buy their daily locally-sourced, gluten-free kombucha.

In reality, most of these people in the camps are mentally ill, often drug addicts and sometimes sexual predators who have committed so many felonies that they cannot find jobs or housing.

People are getting fed up.

Residents in Seattle and other cities across the nation are finally beginning to see why giving homeless people the right to do whatever the hell they feel like is a bad idea.

But the only way to curb the disturbing homelessness trend is to vote the idiots who support policies that encourage it out of the office and replace them with people who actually give a damn about their communities.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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