The homicide rate is so high in this blue state county that bodies are literally piling up

Across our nation, more Americans are dying of drug overdoses and homicide than we have seen in many years.

It is an epidemic that many news outlets do not like to talk about.

But in this one county in particular, things have gotten so bad bodies are literally piling up from these overdoses and murders.

Ever since the riots of 2020, many states and localities have adopted Democrats’ pro-crime policies.

As a direct result, homicides and crime rates are through the roof.

Drug overdoses have also increased ever since many states have legalized every drug under the sun.

Go figure.

One state in particular that has seen the most drastic increase in crime and drug overdoses is California.

It wasn’t all that long ago that California was a beautiful untouched paradise, perfect for people from the east coast who were fed up with the hustle and bustle of New York and Boston.

But not anymore.

Once-pristine beaches are now littered with human feces and heroin needles.

And even parts of California that were considered to be safe just a few years ago are now no go zones.

California is a mess, plain and simple.

This is why people are fleeing the state in droves, so much so that moving truck companies are literally running out of trucks.

Having said that, one county in particular is feeling the brunt of this crime and drug overdose surge.

Alameda county, which is located in the northern part of the state, has seen so many homicides and drug overdoses that the county coroner is literally running out of room to store bodies.

Even though bodies are piling up right in front of their eyes, local and state officials are denying that there is a problem.

The labor shortages and supply chain issues that politicians in Washington and Sacramento have caused certainly are not helping this gruesome situation.

It seems as if everything is going wrong in California right now.

This is why giving radical leftists uncontrolled power is so dangerous.

These politicians have made California a drug infested and dangerous place to live.

On top of that, it is insanely expensive.

No wonder people want to get the hell out of that state.

If politicians in Sacramento do not address these growing crime surges, then what is happening in Alameda county will become a reality for the rest of the state.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any update to this ongoing story.


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