Some swing state Democrats are pushing back against one far-left policy bankrupting Americans

To say that the Biden administration has made its fair share of mistakes in the last year is an understatement.

Biden’s encouragement of illegal immigration, his disastrous mismanagement of the Afghanistan withdrawal and kowtowing to the “green energy” lobby have all proven highly unpopular with voters.

Now, with the writing on the wall for November, even some swing state Democrats are pushing back against one far-left policy bankrupting Americans.

On his first day in office, President Biden halted development of the Keystone XL pipeline.

In addition, Biden wrecked domestic production by suspending oil and gas leases, canceled Arctic drilling leases, and pushed a slew of taxes and regulation on the industry, resulting in fuel price increases of 50% in the span of a year.

Now that Biden has decided to institute a ban on importing oil from Russia in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, prices have begun to skyrocket even more in the past few days.

It is important to note though that fuel prices have been on the rise for a while, because of Biden’s stranglehold on America’s energy industry in pursuit of implementing the Green New Deal’s radical “green” energy policies, before the Russian invasion.

Stubbornly refusing to increase domestic production, Biden is now looking for other ways to offset the rise in fuel prices.

Reportedly, the plan is to try to increase energy imports from Iran and Venezuela.

One could be forgiven for reading that last sentence and immediately thinking that such a course of action is . . . par for the course for this administration.

So, naturally, just really stupid, but here we are.

The Iranians have been trying to produce nuclear weapons for years and it would seem that American taxpayer funding of that regime is certainly not in America’s best interest.

The Communist Maduro government in Venezuela is presiding over one of the largest humanitarian disasters in recent decades, and such a move would give a lifeline to an administration that analysts had predicted was on the brink of collapse.

Reacting to the Biden administration gambit, Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) said, “Well, we shouldn’t be advancing other countries that don’t share our values. So, I think that the opportunity here is to do it domestically, create jobs here, deal with it domestically, and also see if we can help Europe out, too.”

In an interview, CNN Correspondent Manu Raju asked Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), “So, should the administration ease restrictions on production?”

Manchin responded, “Go back to the policies that we’ve had before. Leases in the Gulf of Mexico and lands controlled by the Bureau of Land Management, all of this has to go back into production. That’s all we’re asking for. And if we’re asking the rest of the world to step up, let’s show that we’re going to step up and any oil that’s needed to our allies around the world, we produce it cleaner than anybody.”

Manchin and Tester know where the public is on this.

Good policy makes good politics, but Joe Biden is controlled by the radical Left, and sadly unless or until that changes, the trip to the pump is going to be painful.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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