Skip hiring a lawyer—Planned Parenthood has its own judge in this blue state

Leftists in one blue state are panicking as a law from a more ethical era comes back to haunt them. 

But Planned Parenthood has an ace up its sleeve.

In fact, the abortion provider probably doesn’t even need a lawyer with this leftist judge on the case. 

There was a time when killing unborn babies was recognized as universally evil. 

And one blue state has found itself in a sticky situation after the Supreme Court repealed Roe v. Wade which means a 1931 law making abortion a felony in Michigan is going back into effect. 

But Planned Parenthood has found itself conveniently in front of a judge who is a card-carrying supporter. 

According to a Bloomberg profile, Michigan Court of Appeals judge Elizabeth L Gleicher graduated from Wayne State University Law School before entering private practice.

Judge Gleicher was appointed by a Democrat to the appeals court bench in 2007 and is such a good leftist she’s donated to the nation’s largest abortion provider. 

And we’re not just talking about a small donation decades ago. 

Nope, she makes annual contributions to Planned Parenthood. 

On top of that, she used to be an attorney for the non-profit. 

And, apparently, she’s committed enough to protecting her old boss that she hasn’t bothered to recuse herself from the case. 

In fact, she was bold enough to claim her bias in favor of the organization won’t affect her judgment. 

“Judge Gleicher asked me to notify all counsel of record that she makes yearly contributions to Planned Parenthood of Michigan . . . and she represented Planned Parenthood as a volunteer attorney for the ACLU in 1996-1997,” a court clerk shared. 

“While Judge Gleicher does not believe this warrants her recusal,” the letter continued, “and is certain that she can sit on this case with requisite impartiality and objectivity, she believes that this letter of disclosure is appropriate.”

Pro-life groups are furious the judge is being allowed to stay on the case, but  they are not being recognized by the court as a “party to the litigation.”

If they were considered part of the case, they could call out the judge for violating Michigan Court Rules which offer a way to get a new judge assigned to the case in cases where the assigned person is “biased or prejudiced for or against a party or attorney.”

While the conservative Justices are currently dominating the United States’ Supreme Court, this state-based case shows how far leftists are willing to go in their effort to bring back abortion on demand across the country. 

And it appears they are willing to put their desire for universal abortion ahead of the very integrity of the justice system. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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