Mothers are calling out this major city for profiting off of their homeless crisis

The truth of the matter is that most of our nation’s cities are in a steep decline.

Homelessness, drugs, and sanitation problems have made many of these cities unsafe and flat-out disgusting.

But Americans are finally saying enough is enough, and a group of moms in this city are taking action against their city government for doing the unthinkable.

From Anchorage, Alaska to Bangor, Maine, our nation’s urban centers are rotting away.

Crime, rampant (and often incentivized) homelessness, along with widely available hard drugs have destroyed these once prosperous beacons for business and job creation.

The most obvious and overt example of a city in decay is none other than San Francisco, California.

A century ago, San Francisco was a picturesque trading and banking hub that served as a model city for the entire world to see.

Now the exact opposite is true.

In most parts of the city, especially in the Tenderloin District, human feces, heroin needles, and passed-out bums litter the street.

Even San Francisco’s nicest neighborhoods are hotbeds for crime and filth.

This is almost entirely due to decades of far-left Democrat control over the city.

Instead of cleaning the streets and getting a grip on crime, the city government has made it virtually impossible to apprehend criminals after legalizing everything under the sun from petty theft to heroin use.

After decades of gross mismanagement, some concerned citizens in the City by the Bay are finally doing something about it.

The anti-drug advocacy group, Mothers Against Drug Deaths (MADD), is planning a series of protests across the Bay area to let city planners know that they are fed up with the drugs that are destroying so many lives.

What angers these mothers the most, and rightfully so, are the scores of businesses that are profiting from these drug addicts.

The most alarming example is the “linkage center” under the United Nations plaza.

This was set up by the city to be a place where addicts could get help along with clean needles, foils, and sometimes drugs.

But unsurprisingly the opposite happened.

This area has become one of the most dangerous hotbeds for drug use in the city.

Very few people have received any serious help, but rather were treated to fresh supplies to do even more drugs.

The only ones benefiting from this are the companies supplying the needles and pipes under a government contract.

Mothers and other concerned citizens are outraged, and plan on fighting back.

And although San Francisco may seem like a lost cause, just look at the school board recall elections from just weeks ago.

Anything is possible if you can mobilize concerned citizens.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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