Lori Lightfoot was forced to admit she broke the law with this embarrassing “mistake”

Lori Lightfoot has done a horrible job as mayor of Chicago.

She generally refuses to take accountability for anything.

But Lightfoot was forced to admit she broke the law with this embarrassing “mistake.”

One of the reasons that Democrats control most big cities is because that’s where powerful organizations like teachers’ unions can flourish.

The Democratic Party is completely beholden to the teachers’ unions, and vice versa.

The Left also control the universities, so they have effectively created a nearly unbreakable education cartel.

Campaign help for extra credit

That’s why Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot felt so comfortable encouraging teachers to give students extra credit if they volunteered for her re-election campaign.

After she got caught, Lightfoot pawned it off on a staffer and explained, “Look…in our zeal to make sure that young people had an opportunity to participate — and they are flocking to our campaign — one of our staffers reached out through publicly-available information to [Chicago Public Schools] teachers and our city colleges…That was just simply a mistake.”

Teachers’ unions have been volunteering and organizing for Democrats forever.

Now they’re attempting to rope students into the fold.

Lightfoot added, “I’m the mayor of the city. I’m not somebody aspiring to be the mayor. And the wall between the campaign and the official side has to be impenetrable, and it will be, and that was a mistake.”

If Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had done this, it would’ve been a national scandal of cataclysmic proportions.

Instead, Lightfoot was allowed to appear on MSNBC and clean up the affair at the tail end of a softball interview with journalist activist Jonathan Capehart.

Lightfoot perhaps felt that the teachers’ unions owed her one after she allowed them to stay out of in-person instruction during COVID long after other states were back operating as normal.

The ACLU, which has become a left-wing activist organization on behalf of the Democrats, surprisingly issued a harsh rebuke of Lightfoot.

The organization wrote in a statement, “The Lightfoot campaign’s email to Chicago Public School teachers urging them to offer extra credit to students as an incentive to volunteer on the Mayor’s re-election campaign is inappropriately coercive and raises First Amendment concerns.”

It’s easy to see how students might feel pressured into supporting Lightfoot for fear of getting cross with their teacher.

The Supreme Court is clear about the law on this

The ACLU added, “The Supreme Court has made clear that government officials cannot use their office or power to coerce participation or to punish for lack of participation in political campaigns…[These actions] harken back to the worst days of the Chicago political machine…To be clear, this is now Mayor Lightfoot’s responsibility. It cannot be swept away by statements from subordinates in her campaign.”

Now that Lightfoot has issued a tepid apology on MSNBC, her sins will now be forgotten by the Left.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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