Leftists in one city are worried about losing ground with this demographic

Joe Biden’s approval rating is dropping like a rock.

People are getting sick of radical policies.

Now leftists in one city are worried about losing ground with this demographic.

It seems that voters are getting sick of far-left policies, even in deep blue states like California where voters once pined for such things.

San Franciscans recalled George Soros-backed prosecutor Chesa Boudin, and Congresswoman Karen Bass was forced into a runoff election against Rick Caruso in the Los Angeles Mayoral race.

Bass, who has long held communist sympathies, was the favorite in the primary, but she trailed Caruso, a moderate who recently registered as a Democrat.

Progressives in the city view him as Republican-lite, but the “D” by his name has given Angelenos permission to vote for him.

And The Los Angeles Times was dismayed to learn that Caruso appears to have higher-than-expected support among black men.

The Times wrote that “a  new poll of likely voters, conducted by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies and sponsored by the Los Angeles Times, found that roughly half of Black men plan to vote for Caruso in Tuesday’s primary election. In fact, of all the men surveyed, Black men were most likely to support him.”

Erika D. Smith, the author of the piece, called the trend the “Ice Cube Effect,” meaning that black men exasperated with the political process were willing to talk with/vote for Republicans.

Rapper Ice Cube was ripped by many on the Left for daring to speak with the Trump administration about his proposal to help the black community.

But Smith’s “Ice Cube Effect” theory is incomplete.

It ignores the fact that men of all races are beginning to reject what they see as feminism run amok.

For example, when Ice Cube appeared on one talk show, the all-female panel peppered him for not having enough carve-outs for black women specifically.

Smith interviewed a homeless man who explained, “[W]hen was the last time you heard a politician say ‘black man’? When they think of the black community, they think of black women or black children. They don’t really think of us.”

Caruso got an endorsement from rapper Snoop Dogg who said to the candidate on a Zoom call, “You got my support . . . We’re a part of whatever you’re a part of, as far as bringing love to the community.”

Famed music producer Clarence Avant was another prominent black resident who supported Caruso.

Avant’s wife Jacqueline was murdered during a horrific home invasion in Beverly Hills, so it’s easy to understand why he would favor the stronger law-and-order candidate.

Democrats rely on identity politics to secure voting blocs without actually having to do anything, but that paradigm could be breaking down.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 



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