Katie Hobbs won’t say where she is sending illegals that fellow Democrats welcomed to her state

Democrat officials often talk a good game, but when the rubber meets the road, their policies are demonstrable failures.

Far-Left policy on immigration and border security is an excellent example of this.

Now, Gov. Katie Hobbs (D-AZ) won’t say where she is sending the illegals that fellow Democrats welcomed to her state.

Former Governor Doug Ducey (R) bussed illegal immigrants out of Arizona rather than have them overwhelm services and resources in his state.

He was met with widespread outrage and condemnation from Democrats.

But now, seemingly because the practice was successful, the leftist new Governor Katie Hobbs is continuing the practice.

“Efficient and humane”

Of course, she’s couching it a different way, saying that her administration is ensuring that the state’s continued payment of migrants’ travel costs is “efficient and humane.”

In an interview with the Arizona Sun, Hobbs said, “We just wanted to make sure that we were addressing this issue and, as I talked about many times in the campaign, in a way that was the best use of taxpayer resources and something that wasn’t a political stunt.”

Former Gov. Ducey began busing migrants out of Arizona back in May.

He later included the option of chartered air travel aboard a 737 aircraft in the program.

The border has seen records broken for illegal crossings month after month since President Biden’s inauguration.

Last week, Hobbs said, “We need to look at that practice and make sure it’s effective, that it’s something that supports local communities. If we’re spending the money to bus people, why not just get them to their final destination? We’re interested in focusing on the humanitarian aspects of this and just putting people on a bus as a political stunt and sending them to Martha’s Vineyard or wherever they went is not providing any help or any solution to the actual issue.”

No more room for illegal immigrants

New York Democrat Mayor Eric Adams visited the border at El Paso, Texas, and declared that there is no more room for illegal immigrants in his city.

This comes after New York boasted for years about its “sanctuary city status.”

Now that Republican governors have had enough of the illegal immigration to their states and have decided to “share the wealth” with the blue cities who pretend to welcome illegal immigrants, Adams has called on the federal government to solve the crisis.

Similarly, Hobbs’ action shows that it’s easy to claim to be compassionate until the effects of bad public policy show up on your doorstep.

Hopefully the actions Hobbs is taking, rhetoric aside, gets the message across to other members of her political party that border security is necessary and the administration’s dithering is counterproductive and endangers the security of everyday Americans.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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