John Fetterman is quiet as a mouse after the unthinkable happened in his state

The bottom line is that the Democrats’ pro-crime policies have resulted in complete and utter chaos.

Nowadays, the law is nothing more than a suggestion, and criminals are being invited to run wild.

And John Fetterman is quiet as a mouse after the unthinkable happened in his state.

It is open season on police officers and Democrats have blood on their hands

In most cities and communities across America, it is extremely dangerous to be a cop.

Years of pro-crime policies and inflammatory, anti-cop rhetoric from the Left has created this toxic environment.

Each and every day there are new stories about cops being attacked or ignored by career criminals, with no end in sight.

Having said that, the tragic death of Brackenridge, Pennsylvania Police Chief Justin McIntire last Monday is shocking people all around the nation.

Last Monday, in the small town of Brackenridge, PA (which is about 10 miles east of Pittsburgh), police attempted to arrest 28-year-old Aaron Lamont Swan for a probation violation.

However, Swan was able to escape, leading officers on a wild goose chase.

A couple hours later, Swan was found again, and fled the scene. During the pursuit, Swan engaged in two shootings which led to the death of Police Chief Justin McIntire.

Swan then allegedly stole a vehicle, crashed it, and was killed during a following shootout with Pittsburgh police detectives.

All of this could have been avoided if Swan was held accountable for his previous crimes.

Being a police officer in today’s world is an extremely difficult task, and it is no wonder that many police departments are understaffed.

Undoubtedly, Pennsylvania Democrats like newly elected Senator John Fetterman have blood on their hands.

For years, radical Democrats like Fetterman have made it their mission to protect criminals, while demonizing law enforcement officers.

The results have been catastrophic, and things are only getting worse by the day at this point.

What can be done to fight back against crime

At the end of the day, the solution to lowering crime is not too hard to figure out.

Police officers must be given the funding and support they need to get their job done.

In addition to that, policies like cashless bail and other forms of so called bail reform must be done away with.

Democrats, especially in blue states, have completely upended their criminal justice systems in recent years, and it is about time for citizens to say enough is enough.

Because it is law abiding citizens, especially police officers, who pay the price for nonsensical pro-crime policies passed by the Democrats.

What happened in Brackenridge must not be allowed to happen anywhere else.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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