Greta Thunberg protested at one site for a reason that will have you in stitches

The environmentalists are getting more radical with their proposals.

And they’re using climate mascot Greta Thunberg to do it.

Now Thunberg protested at one site for a reason that will have you in stitches.

The Left loves using children to push their radical agenda because they can’t paint their political opponents as cruel for pushing back against a child.

That’s why Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was turned into an international celebrity by the environmentalist Left.

Thunberg, who recently turned 20, was arrested at a staged photo op during a protest in Germany.

And she was back in front of the cameras for a political stunt, but this one backfired on the “green” activists.

Blue state politicians’ climate mascot went to Norway

Thunberg appeared in Norway to protest alongside the Sami indigenous people who are opposing the government operating wind turbines on their land.

Fox News reported that “[a]ctivists from the Young Friends of The Earth Norway and the Norwegian Sami Association’s youth council NSR-Nuorat chained themselves, along with Thunberg, to the entrance of the ministry and blocked access to the government building.”

The Sami people claim that the wind turbines interfere with their traditional herding of reindeer.

Climate realists have warned for years that wind turbines are not ecologically friendly because they take up a lot of land, which is highly inefficient.

The turbines also displace wildlife and kill birds.

On top of that, they are nowhere near as reliable and cost-effective as oil, natural gas, or nuclear power, all sources of energy rejected by climate activists.

Thunberg labeled the operation of the wind turbines an “ongoing human rights violation”  that “must come to an end.”

The saga illustrates how leftists do not have real solutions to problems.

They just want to virtue-signal in order to gain control.

Thunberg added, “Indigenous rights, human rights, must go hand-in-hand with climate protection and climate action…That can’t happen at the expense of some people. Then it is not climate justice.”

Leftism always collapses in on itself because the philosophy is incoherent.

The major achievement of the environmentalists is to lower the standard of living of people who have been rooked into climate action.

In the end, reality always wins.

That’s why Germany is reinvesting in nuclear power in light of the Ukrainian War, which created an energy bottleneck.

When Swedish teenagers are dictating energy policy, it’s usually a sign that something has gone horribly wrong. 

But it’s not just European policy, blue state politicians who share Thunberg’s views are now effectively dictating them to all of America.

Afterall, federal regulations benchmark fuel efficiency standards to California’s.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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