Gavin Newsom is sweating bullets after a frighteningly racist move at this state institution could threaten his Primary run

Democrats lack the honesty and self realization to admit that their party was — and still is — the party of segregation.

Instead they pretend their virtue-signaling and smearing Conservatives makes anything they do acceptable.

But a frighteningly racist move at one state institution could threaten Gavin Newsom’s Primary run.

The intolerant Left push for a new era of segregation

Segregation is making a comeback, and not in the Jim Crow South, but rather in epicenters for Marxist fundamentalism such as college campuses. 

The University of California in Berkeley, or UC Berkeley for short, has always been a hotbed for far-Left extremism. 

And Berkeley leftists’ latest stunt is turning heads all across the world for their blatant racism and intolerance. 

Just off the official campus of UC Berkeley, a new housing development has sprung up called the Person of Color Theme House or POC Theme House. 

As the name indicates, this housing is reserved for people of color only, and although white people are not explicitly banned from entering the premises, they are banned in common areas. 

The POC Theme House takes it a step further by requiring residents to disclose any white guests they bring over in a group chat that includes all of the other residents. 

According to the POC Theme House’s purported list of rules, these actions are necessary in order to avoid “white violence and presence.”

For anybody with even an ounce of common sense, this is a clear and obvious example of racism and segregation. 

Such blatant housing discrimination has been the alleged focus of elected officials in California such as Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom, who signed anti-housing discrimination measures just last year.

With Newsom clearly putting his Presidential ambitions on full display of late with his ads attacking Florida Governor and potential 2024 GOP candidate Ron DeSantis. 

Obviously, the Democrat’s “anti-housing discrimination” measures are either not intended to protect all people, do not work at all, or a combination of both. 

Whatever the case, Newsom will likely want to both avoid taking corrective action that would infuriate the far-Left campus activists at Berkely who have historically held enormously outsized influence in Democrat politics while also keeping the story off the radar of the many relatively moderate voters in early Democrat Primary states.

The regressive Left is dividing America worse than any other time in recent memory

These policies that ban white people from common spaces at the off campus Berkeley housing should alarm and disgust everyone, regardless of race and political leanings. 

And although this house is not technically on UC Berkeley’s campus and is not run by the college, the college still has an obligation to stand up to these bigots. 

Even if UC Berkley does not have the guts to do it, elected officials like California’s self-proclaimed “anti-racist” governor should. 

Judging people based on the color of their skin is fundamentally wrong, and allowing this sort of segregation and hatred to persist goes against everything America stands for.  

Until these racists are condemned by the state, then it is impossible to take anything they say about race and racism seriously. 

The sad thing is, this intolerance is par for the course at UC Berkeley. 

In the past, even liberal speakers such as late-night show host Bill Maher had petitions drafted to prevent them from speaking. 

And in the case of conservative personality Ben Shapiro, riots ensued which some refer to as anti-Semitic. 

There is absolutely nothing tolerant or progressive about the Left today. 

If anything, they want to take America back in time, with White people and Christians bearing the brunt of their bigotry. 

Hatred like this should never be tolerated in the United States. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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