Concerned mother showed up to a school board meeting and had her mic cut for a disturbing reason

Democrats have antagonized more and more Americans with their insane policies.

And they made a huge mistake by turning parents into a voting bloc against them.

Now a concerned mother showed up to a school board meeting and had her microphone cut for a disturbing reason.

During the pandemic, parents discovered the insanity their kids were being taught thanks to distance learning.

Parents overheard what was going on in Zoom lectures, and they were horrified.

They found out that their kids were being indoctrinated into the neo-Marxist doctrines of Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology.

Suddenly, parents were showing up to school boards and pushing back against the far-left nonsense that had gradually taken over education.

And recently a mother in Nevada had her mic cut off when she was describing the lewd homework assignment her daughter was forced to read.

Clark County claims the mother was eventually able to give her full remarks, but they did not address the elephant in the room, which was the inappropriate assignment given to her 15-year-old daughter.

A group called Power2Parent provided the alleged assignment in full, which was about a young woman breaking up with her boyfriend in crude fashion because she discovered she was a lesbian.

The assignment read:

“I don’t love you. It’s not you it’s just (looks down) I don’t like your dick or any dick in that case. I cheated Joe. We were long-distance and I’m in college and me and this girl my roommate started having some drinks and you know, I thought it was a one time thing but then we started going out to coffee, and started sleeping in the same bed, I never thought it would get this far but God it was like fireworks, and it made me realize with you it was always like a pencil sharpener that keeps getting jammed. I’ve tried to look at it from all different perspectives but the truth is I’m a f*cking lesbian. I’ll never you you, or any man, or any f*cking dick. I hope you find a nice straight girl because that’s not me, and I’m tired of pretending that it is.”

Clark County said it was “investigating” the assignment, which suggests that it is real.

This is the type of content that passes for education today.

While progressive schools are banning books like To Kill a Mockingbird, they are assigning garbage like this and fighting to defend literal pornographic material like Gender Queer – which shows illustrations of oral sex between teenagers – in public school libraries.

The response from the Left has been to brand the parents as crypto-terrorists and sic the FBI on them.

But Democrats are messing with the wrong people if they think they will win a war against parents.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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