A little girl just celebrated her last birthday as violent crime rages out of control in this Democrat-run city

As it stands, the biggest domestic threat our nation is facing is out-of-control crime.

Just about every corner of our country is being impacted by this rise in crime and nobody is safe.

In fact, crime is so bad in this one corrupt, lawless, leftist hellscape that a little girl just paid the ultimate price while celebrating her birthday with her family.

Of all of the cities across our nation that have been ravaged by brain dead leftist politics, Chicago has arguably suffered the most at the hands of the radical Left.

Every part of this once-booming metropolis is now riddled with violent crime.

This is especially true in the southern side of the city, so much so that south side Chicago has earned the nickname of “Chiraq.”

Although some experts believe that many parts of Iraq are now safer than south side Chicago.

Nonetheless, crime and particularly murder rates are out of control.

So much so that just the other day a little girl paid the ultimate price while celebrating her 12th birthday.

It was reported that the girl in question was coming home from a birthday party when she was struck by a stray bullet in the back of her head while she was in a car with her family.

The perpetrator has not yet been found, but it was said he was aimlessly firing off bullets into the street.

As you can imagine, this little girl’s family is absolutely devastated.

The unfortunate thing is, horrific crimes like this are just an ordinary part of life for residents of the windy city.

Gun violence is a major problem in Chicago, despite Illinois and Chicago having very strict gun laws.

This is just more proof that Democrats’ gun control policies do absolutely nothing to stop gun violence or homicide.

If anything, the radical Left’s anti-police and defund the police rhetoric is likely to blame.

Ever since the riots of 2020, crime and especially homicides have risen dramatically across the nation and in Chicago.

If Chicago ever hopes to see a day where residents do not have to fear for their lives at every turn, then police and concerned citizens need to have the guts to claim their streets back.

No family should ever have to suffer the way this family did after celebrating their daughter’s 12th birthday.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any update to this ongoing story.


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