A defeated leftist crossed the line when they lashed out at concerned parents with an appalling accusation

Mainstream liberals are slowly catching on to the fact that fringe leftists are not their friends.

For years, liberals have ceded territory to extremists in their midst.

But now a defeated leftist crossed the line when they lashed out at concerned parents with an appalling accusation.

Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin won his race for Governor of Virginia against prominent Democrat and former Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Youngkin’s main pitch was to reopen schools and get radical ideas like the neo-Marxist teachings of Critical Race Theory out of the curricula.

Many on the Left shrugged off Youngkin’s victory as a weird off-year election result, or a remnant of Trumpism in the Old Dominion.

But now liberals in the progressive stronghold of San Francisco are getting fed up with the radical Left.

San Franciscans voted to recall three far-left members of the school board who were pushing indefinite COVID restrictions, the renaming of schools dedicated to “problematic” figures like Abraham Lincoln, and the implementation of goofy fringe-left policies.

The board members were swept out by 40-point margins, a clear sign that people were fed up.

But letists don’t learn their lessons.

They attempted to blame the result on rare San Francisco Republicans (who made up less than 7% of the people who voted to recall) and low turnout.

In their eyes, if only more people knew about their insane ideas, they would be wildly popular.

One of the discarded school board members even had the audacity to blame white supremacy.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed sat for an interview with NBC News’s Chuck Todd, and he asked her, “One of the ousted members said this: ‘White supremacists are enjoying this [the recall], and the support of the recall is aligned with this.’ Is that the right kind of reaction to what happened?”

Breed didn’t mince words.

She fired back, “Well, of course it’s not the right kind of reaction. And the fact that we’re still even listening to any of the recalled school board members is definitely a problem. Again, we should be focused on the parents. We should be focused on the school district and the challenges that these kids have faced. And that’s the biggest problem.”

The kids have become an afterthought for the administrators and teachers unions.

Ever since the outset of COVID, they have been pushing for unrelated priorities like divesting from police departments and other leftist nonsense.

Breed continued, “This person is making it about them when it really should be about our kids who have suffered, not just in San Francisco, but all over this country as a result of this pandemic. And let’s be clear, in San Francisco for some time now, our private schools were open even when our public schools couldn’t get it together. So we have a lot of work to do. And the focus needs to be brought back to our children. And that’s my goal in appointing some additional school board members to do just that.”

One of the main gripes from parents is that leftists have been degrading the quality of public schools.

They have been lowering standards in misguided attempts to increase diversity, which is a gross illustration of the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

If leftists in San Francisco are rejecting this nonsense, then parents in purple and red areas are going to deliver a mandate of their own in the midterms.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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