Your blood will boil when you hear why one group is getting taxpayer dollars in Madison, Wisconsin

Long before a four-hour riot captivated the attention of Democrats and their mouthpieces in the corporate-controlled media, far more destructive, pervasive and longer-lasting civil unrest occurred nationwide.

But for one midwestern city, the summer of 2020 was a complete disaster.

And now your blood will boil when you hear why one group is getting taxpayer dollars in Madison, Wisconsin.

No ransom, no peace

Summer 2020 saw the violent leftist group Black Lives Matter burning, looting, vandalizing, and extorting in the name of George Floyd all across the country.

Black Lives Matter spun off into a vast array of grifter fiefdoms, composed of degenerates with massive chips on their shoulders.

One spinoff organization contributing to the carnage was a group called “Urban Triage” operated by Brandi Grayson.

According to Wisconsin-based watchdog group MacIver Institute, Grayson is a frequent agitator.

The group says, “Violence reigned supreme throughout Madison during the summer of 2020, as protesters committed countless acts of robbery, assault, arson, vandalism, extortion, and other various forms of disorderly conduct. One of the groups enabling all this was Urban Triage, led by Brandi Grayson.

“Simply put, Grayson hates America. ‘Within this United States of America, we got the first white supremacy state. A state in which white supremacy and capitalism are one and the same,’ she said in June 2020. Grayson is committed to transforming the country and tearing down its institutions.”

“Early on, Grayson and her organization, Urban Triage, helped lead a march that shutdown John Nolan Drive and ended with a rally at the county jail demanding it release every black inmate,” the watchdog reports.

In one 2020 video, Grayson complains about white supremacy, capitalism and the patriarchy.

But the real outrage is Grayson’s ability to organize large groups of people who don’t shy away from violence and then extort taxpayers into paying her and other groups to stay off the streets.

Getting paid not to burn Madison

The Dane County Sheriff called on Grayson and another group called Freedom Inc., which was already receiving taxpayer money, to condemn the violence you just watched, local ABC affiliate WKOW reported in the summer of 2020.

But the calls fell on deaf ears.

Even though the riots have been over for two years now, the cash is still flowing. 

Public Health Madison Dane County (PHMDC) not only decided to continue to pay Urban Triage and four other groups of agitators an additional $300,000 last month, they were happy about it.

Aurielle Smith, director of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation, said in a press release, “We’re so happy to be giving this money to these organizations who know our community best. The work of reducing violence cannot be done alone. We need to leverage the expertise and experiences of partners across sectors to get it done. Providing financial support to help them in their work is one way to jump start that process.”

This is sheer madness and literally paying a ransom with taxpayer money to the very groups inciting the civil unrest.

The sad truth is that unless or until more serious people are empowered to run so many of America’s Democrat-controlled cities, they are just going to be too risky for families and businesses.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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