Social justice warriors are outraged over this magnificent faith-based project in this blue state

From the moment settlers arrived on American soil, America was shaped and founded as a Christian nation. 

This fact infuriates the Left who have contorted the First Amendment to serve as freedom “from” Religion rather than Freedom of Religion. 

But these social justice warriors are taking things to the next level after voicing outrage over this magnificent faith-based project in this blue state. 

The radical Left and their disdain for Christianity and Christians

For members of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association in New Jersey, their Christian faith is not just a religion to them, but it is their history, identity, and tradition. 

This Association, which is part of the Methodist church, actually founded the community of Ocean Grove, which is very close to Asbury Park, in 1869. 

Although the greater community of Ocean Grove, Asbury Park, and the entire nation as a whole for that matter, has drifted away from this Christian foundation, the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association is alive and well. 

Their latest project involves using some of the land they own to build a massive, cross-shaped pier along the waterfront. 

However, not everyone is so excited about this magnificent project. 

Due to its Christian theme, a few LGBT New Jerseyans are screaming bloody murder. reported that a local gay attorney went so far as to claim “Once this pier is built like a cross, I believe that will be the point of a no return,”. 

He then commented, “To say that cross doesn’t represent Christian nationalism, anyone who says that isn’t being honest.”

Comments like this show just how hateful and intolerant many on the Left are towards people who do not have the same faith, or lack thereof, as they do. 

It should also be noted that this cross is not built on public land, and approval was not needed by the city council for this reason. 

Why attacks on Christianity should concern all Americans

The outrage over this beautiful pier is sad to say the very least. 

Absolutely nothing can appease the far Left and their intense hatred for anybody who does not think as they do. 

If these LGBT activists hate the pier so much then they should simply not go on it.  It is that simple. 

And at the end of the day, the cross shape is only apparent when looking at it from above, so most probably won’t even realize it is a cross in the first place. 

What this boils down to is radical leftists, lashing out against the religion they fear. 

America was founded on Christian ideals, and if you do not like that then you have every right to not worship. 

But to deny other people from expressing their faith on private land is bigoted and un-American.

If this was a group of Muslims then the radical Left would not dare say a peep, but due to the Christian nature of this project, they are outraged. 

That should tell you everything you need to know about the far Left in America. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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