Politifact was forced to toss this vulnerable Democrat under the bus for pushing one truly insane policy

The political Left is full of hacks and smear merchants.

But not even the worst of the worst left-wing partisans can deny some truths.

Because even Politifact spit out their coffee and had to toss this vulnerable Democrat under the bus over one truly insane policy.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Democrats used to heed and support these words, but that was before they decided that a strategy of “divide and conquer” was more likely to pay electoral dividends.

Evers outed as a radical with this divisive racial policy by one of the Left’s own

Vulnerable Wisconsin Democrat Governor Tony Evers has been outed as a radical over one whacked-out divisive racial policy.

Evers’ Department of Public Instruction (DPI) told white people to engage in a racial shaming exercise to remind them of their privilege when he led that department.

According to Breitbart News, a document promoted by Evers’ department suggested that white people “wear a white wristband as a reminder about your privilege.”

Evers, up for reelection next month, held the position of Superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction from 2009 to 2019.

During this time the department worked with Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA).

Evers sung that group’s praises, saying, “Wisconsin is ‘very fortunate’ to have assistance from VISTA volunteers and the work was ‘very important.’”

The document in question is titled, “Addressing Racial Privilege: A Mental Model for White Anti-Racists” and was distributed at DPI-VISTA training in 2013 when Evers was at the helm.

It urged people to engage in anti-white racial shaming exercises, including wearing wristbands as “a reminder about your privilege, and as a personal commitment to explain why you wear the wristband.”

It gets worse from here.

The document further instructed whites to “find a person of color who is willing to hold you accountable for addressing privilege” and “make a daily list of the ways privilege played out, and steps taken or not taken to address privilege.”

Another section instructed, “Set aside sections of the day to critically examine how privilege is working. Be willing to teach others and hold them accountable.”

All of these questions and calls to action revolved around the “big question,” which read “How do I live with my privilege?”

Evers surely doesn’t want to discuss this now but as Superintendent of Public Instruction, he controlled the curriculum of the Wisconsin public schools.

Evers’ Dept. tried to scrub “white privilege wristband” docs from website

After public outrage over these directions, the Wisconsin DPI scrubbed the document from their website.

According to Politifact, “DPI was responsible for a flier given to 13 federally paid workers that suggests white people consider wearing the white wristbands.”

After the whole episode enraged locals, Breitbart asked the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, “Is [the department] willing to denounce exercises or activities that intend to get white students, volunteers, or personnel to atone or apologize for racial privilege?”

Communications Director Abigail Swetz said, “I assume it was removed because it does not reflect best practices in equity trainings, and as an education agency, we are constantly learning and continue to revise best practices. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction strongly supports equity in education, which includes trainings about combating racism.”

What she didn’t say was how this entire crazy affair conflicted with the department’s support of “equity” – because it’s nothing more than reverse discrimination.

Swetz is a lunatic leftist activist who bills herself as a “proud queer public school teacher” and is affiliated with a slew of radical organizations.

What all this shows is that shining a light on these crazy ideas sends the radicals scurrying away like the cockroaches they are.

Evers is on the run, just like his Lieutenant Governor, Mandela Barnes.

What weeks ago appeared to be a likely Democrat victory in both the gubernatorial and US Senate races has shifted from more of a tossup to Republican tilting contests.

Here’s to hoping that shining a light of more truth pats dividends at the polls in just a few short weeks.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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