Parents who got a nasty early morning surprise are fighting back against this irresponsible teachers union

It seems every leftist has a trick up their sleeve to use the forever-pandemic to their advantage.

But when one blue city’s teachers union pulled a dirty trick, they soon realized they’d made a huge miscalculation.

Now parents are fighting back – and winning – with this brilliant maneuver.

Most parents were, hopefully, fast asleep when word got out that the Chicago’s Teachers Union voted to suddenly quit teaching in person.

The next morning parents of 340,658 children in the Windy City had to scramble to make sure they had safe supervision.

The teachers supposedly planned to teach virtually, but some teachers said they couldn’t access their online accounts.

In the end, classes were cancelled for three days.

The union claimed they made the move due to COVID concerns, but parents are calling their bluff and filed a lawsuit against the union for suddenly going on strike.

“Throughout this entire pandemic, our kids have paid a tremendous price for adults’ mistakes and miscalculations, and now the teachers union has hastily and recklessly put them on their political roller coaster again,” said mom Laurel Golden.

The parents who are beyond fed up with all the politically fueled drama are apparently winning.

Students are supposed to be back in school soon.

Of course, students and teachers will have to jump through more hoops in an effort for leftists to keep an appropriate sense of dread for the perpetual “emergency” situation.

Now, 10% of students will be tested each week – and almost two million N95 masks will be dumped into communities this week along with a supply set aside for teachers.

If you’ve ever worn a N95 mask, you can imagine trying to breathe all day through one, much less lecturing for hours on end will be its own special kind of punishment.

This is only the latest battle in an all-out war that has broken out between parents and leftist forces in the education industry since the pandemic began.

While Democrats blamed radical Republicans for politicized school board elections and heavy Democratic losses in November, many parents who previously considered themselves independents or Democrats are switching sides to get their kids’ schools back on track.

And the fight runs deeper than arguments about in-person vs. virtual learning.

An increasing number of parents are furious about the Left’s preoccupation with teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other “woke” concepts when their children aren’t getting the basic education they desperately need.

Only half of adults in the US read at the 8th grade level or above – and we know that reading proficiency in students was continuing to decline from 2017 to 2019.

We can only imagine the effect distance learning – and an education more focused on wokism than phonics – will have on the next generation.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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