Parents just got a whole new reason to keep children away from one drag queen hotspot

The seeds of radical leftist policies are bearing their rotten fruit.

But one new program shows how far America has gone off the rails.

And parents just got a whole new reason to keep children away from one drag queen hotspot.

Librarians are being called to the front lines in one city’s drug epidemic.

When it comes to public health crises, none are as deadly and disastrous as America’s drug epidemic.

In every single community across the nation drugs are destroying lives and ripping homes apart.

And now, librarians are being called to the front lines in this city’s drug epidemic.

Drug abuse is destroying every community across the nation

While Democrats are running around calling the 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump “MAGA Republican terrorists” they completely ignor, if not flat-out promote, the very real domestic threat of dangerous drug use that has swept the nation.

A simple drive down any busy street in America will prove this notion.

Unsurprisingly, some cities are worse than others, and the most heavily hit cities are often found on the west coast.

One of these cities is Seattle, Washington. Things have gotten so bad in Seattle that now librarians are being put on the front lines of the drug epidemic.

According to the Seattle Times, the Seattle Public Library System is allowing and encouraging librarians to carry and administer naloxone.

Naloxone is a drug that can rapidly reverse an opioid overdose, and can easily prevent somebody from dying.

The Washington State Department of Health recently announced that overdose deaths, primarily from synthetic opiates, rose by 50% in King Country from 2019 to 2020.

Reports and preliminary data indicate that another increase can be expected for 2020-2021.

Many see this plan to put librarians at the front lines of this drug epidemic as a savvy move, but it completely fails to address the problem.

Yes, giving librarians resources to save lives is not necessarily bad, but it will do absolutely nothing to stop people from taking drugs in the first place.

The LGBTQ Lobby is reaping what they’ve sown

Granted, this will likely pull the librarians away from their cherished drag queen story hour.

All joking aside, decades of tolerance toward any alternative lifestyle from twisted fetishes to hard drug use has created more problems for Seattle and cities like it.

Instead of legalizing every drug under the sun and giving out clean needles and crack pipes to drug addicts, city officials need to start working towards getting drugs off of the streets.

Also holding the drug smugglers bringing the scourge across the border accountable for the damage they are doing to American communities must be a priority as well.

Until this is done, then overdoses will only increase across King County and many other communities like it.

The reason why Democrat-dominated areas like Seattle refuse to do anything proactive to prevent overdoses is that doing so would require drug users to take accountability for their actions.

Taking accountability for one’s own actions goes against everything that the Left believes in, so do expect this to happen in Seattle any time soon.

Unless there is a significant change in Seattle and other major Democrat-run cities, then nothing will happen to fix the drug problem.

As long as leftists are in charge, people will keep using drugs and dying as a result.

The pro-crime and pro-drug policies of the Left are causing America to rot from the inside out.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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