One blue state judge is in all kinds of trouble for making this incredibly unethical move

Corruption is spreading like wildfire in blue states.

Now one judge is in all kinds of trouble for making one incredibly unethical move.

And it’s revealing her massive failure as a judge, mother, and grandmother.

If there’s one person you expect to make the right calls in life, it’s the person wielding the power in a courtroom.

But as our country continues to fall into disrepair, the level of corruption in every level of government continues to worsen.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts recently warned that members of the judicial branch need to clean up their acts after it was revealed 131 federal judges have improperly presided over cases where they had a financial conflict of interest.

That’s more than 15% of regular federal judges choosing to do the wrong thing.

And that number likely barely scratches the surface considering that federal justices only represent a portion of judges in power.

Each state also had its own court system – and one woman in a black robe made herself the poster child of corrupt justices.

Michigan Judge Tracy Green faces getting removed from the bench after a watchdog agency says their investigation has revealed she hid evidence her son was abusing her grandsons.

And the lengths she’s accused of covering up her son’s brutal treatment of her two grandsons is horrifying.

According to a report, the judge put makeup on her grandchildren to cover up marks left by her son.

A retired judge presiding over her disciplinary case says the judge knew her son slapped one of the children so hard he left his handprint on the child’s face and that he had hit and choked his wife who has since divorced him.

“My dad would tell her about a bruise I had or something, and she would put make-up on it because we had to go to school and stuff, and she didn’t want people to see,” one of her grandsons told investigators.

Green denied the accusation, but her former daughter-in-law insisted it was another lie.

“Their father beat them brutally for years without fear of any repercussions because of who their mother is. Judge Tracy Green created and raised a monster,” Choree Bressler said according to Fox 2 in Detroit. “She knowingly allowed her son to wreak terror, abuse and fear in the lives of many women and her grandchildren.”

Green presided over the largest circuit court in Michigan, which has jurisdiction over civil, criminal, and family matters in Wayne County where Detroit and Dearborn are located.

Her son, Gary David-Headd was convicted of two felony child abuse charges in 2019.

Incredibly, three years later Michigan’s Judicial Tenure Commission is still working to remove the crooked judge from the bench.

This case is yet another indication America is in a huge amount of trouble.

The fact that Green felt comfortable lying to protect her son proves she has no respect for the rule of law.

We can only wonder how many other blue state officials are equally corrupt.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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