Michael Moore came up with the most insane gun grabber proposal yet

The Left will not stop until all of your guns have been confiscated.

Some leftists just come out and say the quiet part out loud.

Now Michael Moore came up with the most insane gun-grabber proposal yet.

In the wake of recent horrific mass shootings in Buffalo, Uvalde, and Highland Park, Democrats have renewed their calls for more gun control.

They won’t stop until every American is at least as defenseless as your average blue state liberal.

Their real end goal is to leave Americans at the mercy of gun-wielding criminals — whether they’re the thugs on the streets or directed by authoritarian politicians.

And few have been running off at the mouth louder than Socialist documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.

Building off his Bowling for Columbine gun control propaganda film, Moore has a new radical proposal: a new constitutional amendment.

Moore penned a fake 28th Amendment that would repeal the Second amendment and usher in the Democrats’ gun control dreams.

It begins, “The inalienable right of a free people to be kept safe from gun violence and the fear thereof must not be infringed and shall be protected by the Congress and the States. This Amendment thus repeals and replaces the Second Amendment.”

Where Democrats say safety, Conservatives correctly know they mean state control.

The federal government cannot keep people “safe” from gun violence without becoming totalitarian, which is what leftists want.

Even if they got the real gun control they want and completely disarmed every law-abiding citizen, they don’t even enforce the gun control laws that are on the books already.

Of course, that’s never been the goal.  It’s always been about political power. 

They believe the federal government should have as much power as possible, and pesky gun owners are standing in the way.

Moore’s amendment adds, “Congress shall create a mandatory system of firearm registration and licensing for the following limited purposes: (a) licensed hunters of game; (b) licensed ranges for the sport of target shooting; and (c) for the few who can demonstrate a special need for personal protection. All who seek a firearm will undergo a strict vetting process with a thorough background check, including the written and confidential approval of family members, spouses and ex-spouses and/or partners and ex-partners, co-workers and neighbors. A mental health check will also be required. There will be a waiting period of one month to complete the full background check.”

Moore couldn’t possibly fail to grasp how much of an insane infringement on personal liberty that is.

But Moore and the Left want to marginalize personal liberty for Americans of every stripe.

Even left-wing legal associations admit that harsh gun control laws negatively affect “marginalized” groups. 

The unintended consequence of stricter gun control laws would be more black and brown people in jail, which is what happened after the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) pushed for harsher punishments for crack in the 1980s because the drug was ravishing their communities.

Nowadays, the CBC and other leftist activists complain about mass incarceration and disproportionate sentences for crack and powder cocaine.

Moore’s proposed amendment continues:

The following firearms are heretofore banned:

  • All automatic and semi-automatic weapons and all devices which can enable a single-shot gun to fire automatically or semi-automatically;
  • Any weapon that can hold more than six bullets or rounds at a time or any magazine that holds more than six bullets;
  • All guns made of plastic or any homemade equipment and machinery or a 3D printer that can make a gun or weapon that can take a human life.

So Moore wants to take the overwhelming majority of the guns off the market as well as 3D printers, which have other uses beyond making guns.

This is completely unhinged, until you consider that leftists know what their broader policies lead to — they see what’s going on in the streets of Democrat controlled cities — and don’t care.

But they know there are Americans who won’t put up with that when Democrats try to inflict those nightmares where they live.

Thus, Moore concluded his amendment by demanding that all banned guns would be rounded up by local law enforcement.

Moore is effectively calling for full-on civil war.

The Democrats have completely lost their minds.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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