Lawmakers in one state just started micromanaging the judicial branch with this unbelievable law about rap lyrics

What the woke mob is getting away with in California is practically criminal.

Now, lawmakers there just started micromanaging the judicial branch.

And you’ll be floored by this unbelievable law about rap songs.

All kinds of new laws go into effect in California on January 1.

Among the nuttiest is one that prohibits the lyrics from rap songs from being used as evidence in court cases.

According to its leftist backers “The Decriminalizing Artistic Expression Act” will help protect rappers from facing “racial bias.”

The woke “equity” obsessed crowd is behind the new law.

CA law will bar criminal confessions made from rappers’ lyrics from being used in court


According to Vanity Fair, the move was motivated in part by a case where rapper Young Thug’s lyrics have been used against him in court.

Considering that his version of “free expression” involves bragging about committing crimes, it seems legitimate for a court to sort out whether there’s any truth behind all the bragging.

“The indictment cites lyrics from nine Young Thug songs, including ‘Ski’ and ‘Slime Shit.’ Several lyrics from the 2019 song ‘Just How It Is’ are listed, including ‘I done did the robbin’, I done did the jackin’, now I’m full rappin’ and ‘It’s all mob business, we know to kill the biggest cats of all kittens,’ which the court deems in the indictment ‘an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy,’” Vanity Fair reported.

“Also noted by the court is the 2021 song ‘Bad Boy,’ which includes lyrics like, ‘Smith & Wesson .45 put a hole in his heart / Better not play with me, killers they stay with me,’ and, ‘I shot at his mommy, now he no longer mention me,’” the publication added.

According to the Left, taking rappers at their word—even when much of rap music is known to be autobiographical—amounts to “unprecedented racism.”

“For too long, prosecutors in California have used rap lyrics as a convenient way to inject racial bias and confusion into the criminal justice process,” Dina LaPolt, entertainment attorney and co-founder of Songwriters of North America, announced. “This legislation sets up important guardrails that will help courts hold prosecutors accountable and prevent them from criminalizing Black and Brown artistic expression.”

Of course, nothing that happens in California ever stays there.

The new state law is being used to push for federal pro-crime legislation that would essentially allow criminals to play “artist” and literally brag about their crimes without ever being held accountable.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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