Joe Biden wants to make this one decision to spike gas prices

Joe Biden has put his boot on the neck of the American people.

His policies are worshiped nearly universally on the Left and they are leading to crushing price inflation.

And he wants to make this one decision to spike gas prices.

One state has pulled the trigger on a restriction Joe Biden and the Democrats would love to implement nationwide that will make the energy crisis far worse.

It’s the latest policy du jour as the Democrats and the international Left have become completely beholden to the insane “green” initiative.

And they don’t care how many people suffer and die as a result of their nonsensical policies based on dubious climate science.

In California, where Democrats have a supermajority in the state legislature and run just about every major city, they’re banning gas stations in the middle of an energy crisis.

The Daily Wire reported that “in an attempt to battle climate change, some California cities are rejecting the construction of new gas stations. Officials of a Sonoma County city north of San Francisco were the first in the game when they stopped the development of a gas station there last year…Since that decision, four other cities in the Bay Area have done the same. The average price per gallon in California is now $6.06, according to AAA. In one county, the price is $7.11.”

The Democrats who claim to care so much about the little guy are making it harder and harder to own a gas-powered car.

Meanwhile, they’re pushing so-called EVs or electric vehicles, which are prohibitively expensive for many and for those who can afford trendy EVs like Teslas, face long waiting lists of as much as a year before delivery.

The idiotic trend is moving from Northern California down to Los Angeles.

L.A. Councilmember Paul Koretz boasted, “We are ending oil drilling in Los Angeles. We are moving to all-electric new construction. And we are building toward fossil fuel free transportation. Our great and influential city, which grew up around the automobile, is the perfect place to figure out how to move off the gas-powered car.”

That sums everything up right there.

They have to “figure out” how to make it work.

It doesn’t matter that their policies will raise costs for average citizens and lead to market inefficiencies that will bring their own unintended consequences.

The Left have yet to “figure out” how to make socialism work, but they won’t stop trying.

Heavy-handed “green” initiatives are one way how the Left attempt to usher in the socialist revolution they so desperately desire.

They believe they can take over control of the economy from the top down by fear-mongering about climate change.

Hopefully, with reality standing in their way voters will too.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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