Gavin Newsom had one sick response to disturbing leaked comments

Democrats like to run with the “in” crowd, so their every decision is filtered through whether they think it will help or hurt their political power.

But Gavin Newsom has a glitch in his filtering process.

Because the California Governor had one sick response to disturbing leaked comments.

Gavin Newsom is desperately – but belatedly – trying to clean house after backlash built over leaked audio that revealed the true nature of the Democrat Party.

While Democrats waste their breath acting like every registered Republican in the United States is some sort of racist neo-Nazi, they’re hiding one massive problem within their ranks.

Newsom wanted to give fellow Democrats “opportunity to justify” their racist comments

Recently, audio from a huddle of Democrat Los Angeles City Council members was leaked online.

And they could probably give members of the Proud Boys pointers when it comes to making inappropriate comparisons.

A transcript of the secretive conversation about a ten-year redistricting process leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to how the council members, who happened to be Latino, feel about their white colleagues, a black child, an Indian council woman, and even other Latinos (apparently from the wrong end of Mexico).

The conversation took place back in 2021, but without enough Republicans around to justify a real fight, apparently Democrats had to backstab each other with a secret audio recording leaked on the internet via a Reddit forum just in time for a critical election.

The central player in the scandal rocking America’s second biggest city is former L.A. City Council President Nury Martinez.

In the secret recording Martinez accused white Councilman Mike Bonin of treating his adopted black son as an accessory and calling the child a “Parece changuito,”—Spanish slang for either “he’s like a little monkey” or “he looks like a little monkey.”

In addition to complaining that the child is being raised “little white kid,” Martinez and friends had strong opinions on other white council members noting that recently indicted Councilmember Mark Ridley-Thomas needed to go talk to City Controller Ron Galperin to determine if he would still get paid.

“You need to go talk to that white guy,” she said. “It’s not us. It’s the white members on this council that will motherf— you in a heartbeat,” according to The Los Angeles Times.

Ironically, the black man they seemed to have some respect for was Ridley-Thomas who have been accused of implementing targeting Korean-owned businesses with unfair laws, ordered his car washed three times a week during a drought so bad many poor California farm workers didn’t even have running water in their homes, and was ultimately indicted over a $100,000 USC bribery scheme to benefit his son.

During their closed-door conversations, the Council members also decided Indian-born Councilwoman Nithya Raman wasn’t worth “rescuing” during the redistricting process.

“She is not our ally. She is not going to help us,” Gil Cedillo argued.

They then went on to insult other Hispanics at a level most white people would even be able to pull off with Martinez describing Shatto Place and Lafayette Park near Koreatown in the most insulting way possible.

“I see a lot of little short dark people,” Martinez said of that section of Koreatown, apparently referring to people from the Oaxacan region in Mexico.

“I was like, I don’t know where these people are from, I don’t know what village they came [from], how they got here,” Martinez sniped, adding, “Tan feos”—“They’re ugly.”

After the shocking audio was shared with the world, Martinez and another council member resigned.

Now as the November elections speedily approach, California Governor Gavin Newsom decided he needed to step in to sweep the problem under the rug before it causes serious political collateral damage.

Newsom waited to see if sick comments would hurt Democrat political power

“I wanted to give them space, but I think I was very clear with Nury, that she did the right thing. And I think the others should do the same,” Newsom said. “I wanted to provide the opportunity for them to justify what they said, and the opportunity to be transparent about what they said. And so we’re hoping and looking forward to announcements soon.”

While Newsom may be calling for Councilmembers to resign, his brief and businesslike handling of the situation makes it obvious he wants nothing more than to make the problem disappear as quickly and quietly as possible.

After all, Republicans are supposed to be the nasty racists in Democrats’ eyes.

But a dose of reality about the twisted and disgusting true feelings within the Democrat Party is not something Newsom wants to spread for the sole reason that it might hurt their chances of hanging on to power.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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