Even the saddest states in America still have some badasses worth celebrating

Much of this once great nation sits in the toilet thanks to Democrats.

Fortunately, many Americans would still rather die on their feet for all that is good than live on their knees.

This California badass is one of them.

Democrats love the helpless – not the actual people but the fact that they can use them.

Some refuse to be victims and are willing to stand up to defend their loved ones and the blessings they have.

This California man is a badass

Of all of the problems plaguing America, out-of-control crime is the most concerning.

Violent criminals, especially in America’s urban centers, feel emboldened to do whatever the hell they want with little fear of consequences, leaving law-abiding citizens to fend for themselves.

But this one badass store owner was not about to be another victim.

As a direct result of years of liberal politics, many communities have become lawless and uninhabitable.

Criminals are emboldened to steal and pillage as they see fit, and some cities like San Francisco have given up on enforcing crimes such as petty theft.

One city that has seen a particularly large spike in crime is Los Angeles, California.

Ever since the George Floyd riots back in 2020, crime has gone through the roof in LA.

According to Los Angeles Police Department crime data, homicides in Los Angeles hit 397 in 2021, the most in more than a decade and a 50% increase from 2019.

And as far as armed robberies go, these violent crimes are up 57% from 2020 and 60% from 2019.

These increases are eye-opening to say the very least, and business owners across the Los Angeles area live in a constant state of fear.

But just the other day, this badass business owner decided that he was not willing to be the next statistic.

At a liquor store in the town of Norco, which is in East Los Angeles, a thug entered the store with a rifle and attempted to rob the place.

The store owner, an 80-year-old by the name of Craig Cope did not think twice before pulling out a shotgun and blasting the thug who tried to rob him.

Fortunately, he was able to land his shot, and the suspect fled immediately, screaming his arm had been shot off.

Store owner suffered a heart attack in aftermath of robbery

Cope was not hurt during the robbery, but suffered a heart attack in the immediate aftermath. He is said to be back on the job as of last Tuesday.

Following the attempted robbery, Cope told reporters that “I would always protect my employees, my customers, myself. This instance fortunately, I was here by myself, so I only had to worry about that. I took care of it and that was that. More people should vote and vote the right way.”

He went on to say “I did a lot of hunting when I was a little kid. I’d put food on the table. So, I still remember things from a long time ago.”

Craig Cope is a hero and a true patriot, and more Californians could learn a thing or two from wise men like him.

If you want to be a young thug there could be real consequences.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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