Your jaw will drop when you see what cops found in a California homeless camp

Crime, lawlessness and generally unsafe conditions are the rule in places Democrats dominate because of their disastrous policies.

You almost get desensitized to it, because it’s just so pervasive, but every now again something occurs that still has its shock value.

And your jaw will drop when you see what cops found in a California homeless camp.

San José police were responding to a commercial burglary incident.

According to the police department, that’s what led them to find an underground bunker at a homeless encampment that contained thousands of dollars in stolen items.

Photos shared by the department show the entryway to the elaborate structure, which was built into the side of the creek bed and equipped with electricity which had been “plugged into somebody else’s source.”

Dozens of power tools, construction equipment, and three shotguns accompanied by boxes of ammunition were all recovered at the site.

The discovery led to six people being arrested and it caused concern among local residents who expressed fear that other similar bunkers could be spread throughout the city and that their homes and businesses could be targeted in the thefts.

Resident Ashley King has family that is building a house nearby and was curious whether any of the stolen items had been taken from them, so she contacted the police department after seeing the Twitter post.

It turned out that it was indeed their property that was targeted.

King said, “I imagine there are probably several more places like that around town, with just how frequently tools are being taken from construction sites. The most alarming thing, aside from the frequency, is how powerless people feel. There comes a point where you have to kind of choose one of two options. You either decide to just ignore it, so that you can feel safe and happy living in your own neighborhood. And pretend it’s not happening. Or you can become really suspicious of what’s going on around you.”

Even more concerning, the bunker with the stolen firearms was built in an area near Franklin-McKinley School District Headquarters and an elementary school.

King, worried about what could happen if those weapons got into the wrong hands said, “To see weapons like that, rifles, stuff that could do damage, serious damage. Weapons that could hurt anybody, especially children, from far away, with precision. That is just so incredibly disturbing.”

According to the police, they “don’t have information as to how widespread or a number on how many bunkers/encampments exist like this in San José.”

But that’s California, with rampant crime and homelessness.

An updated count of the homeless population in the city shows an increase of 11% just this year to 6,739.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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