Weiner celebrates lunatic new law targeting confused kids and criminal parents that will leave you horrified

Even disgraced former Chicago politician Anthony Weiner would likely be disgusted.

But a politician with his same last name just pushed through a shocking new law.

Now this other Weiner is celebrating his lunatic new law targeting confused kids and criminal parents that will leave you horrified.

New California law should anger all parents

Ted Hudocko lost custody of his son to his ex-wife after trying to protect the 15-year-old from gender “transition” procedures.

Now he fears a new California law will result in more parents losing their rights.

That’s a nightmare that will become more of a reality after the California State Assembly passed a bill that would make the state a sanctuary for children seeking transgender medical treatment, as well as parents who wish to put their children through such procedures.

The legislation, SB-107, is a leftist gender lunacy tantrum written as a response to other states limiting the ability of parents to subject their children to transgender medical treatment.

A Wiener okay with chopping them off

Democrat State Senator Scott Wiener—yes Wiener– authored the bill.

Wiener, the former Chair of the California Legislative LGBTQ Caucus tweeted, “The Assembly just passed our trans state of refuge bill (SB 107) so trans kids & their families can come to CA if they’re being criminalized. States like TX are classifying gender-affirming care as child abuse & threatening to incarcerate parents. CA won’t stand by.”

The narratives these people use to contort themselves into being champions of supposedly aggrieved kids is truly something sick to behold.

What this leftist hack calls “gender affirming care” can be more accurately described as sterilizing children.

Wiener continued, “California must stand with LGBTQ kids and their families, especially when they’re under attack across the country. SB 107 ensures that California is a refuge state for trans kids and their parents, so they can be safe here. Parents should never be separated from their kids or criminalized for simply allowing them to be who they are. We need to hold firm in our support for the LGBTQ community and stand with LGBTQ youth,” The Daily Wire reported.

According to the California Family Council, “SB 107 will instruct CA courts and law enforcement to protect any doctor, parent, or child fleeing another state seeking to punish them for breaking its laws against trans-treatments for minors. But the bill also takes aim at the custody rights of parents in other states who refuse to let their gender-confused kids medically transform their bodies. If passed, SB 107 would empower California courts to take ‘temporary emergency jurisdiction’ of children if they come to California for trans-drugs, surgery, or trans-affirmation mental healthcare even if they are brought to the state illegally.”

Hudocko said, “It is absolutely going to encourage runaways to come to California. It’ll encourage parents in other states to abscond with their children. As long as they get to California and claim a discordant gender identity, the California courts will assert jurisdiction.”

“Sex-change” surgeries are experimental procedures that mutilate a healthy body and can cause permanent infertility.

California has no business expanding a practice that has been shown to harm children while undermining parents’ right to protect their children and more politicians need to stand firm against the trans lobby and the leftist mob and push back fiercely against this.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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