Underage Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez trainees were just granted a shocking role on a powerful government board

There is no limit to how far the Left will go when it comes to “woke” policies when they’re granted power.

Citizens just saw where the limits really lie in one blue city.

Because underage Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez trainees were just granted a shocking role in one of the nation’s biggest blue cities.

It is no wonder that with just about every major city in America run by Democrats that they’re engulfed with crime, poverty, and corruption. 

But Seattle just took things to a whole new level after they allowed a trio of underaged clones of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-CA) mini-mes to join the Seattle School Board. 

When it comes to stupid “woke” politics, the sky is the limit for most cities

The entire principle behind federalism is that states and municipalities should serve as laboratories for democracy, or in other words, pass laws and ordinances on a local level and if they work perhaps they could adopt them nationwide. 

However, under “woke” left-wing extremists leadership, many of these laboratories of democracy have now become gulags of Socialism. 

As a result, most major cities in America have become hotbeds of homelessness, depravity, crime, hard drug use, and whacked-out liberal politics gone amuck. 

West Coast blue state cities such as Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles have turned into lawless third-world countries all in the name of ‘Social Justice.” 

In San Francisco for example, shoplifting has been effectively legalized along with hard drug use, and “urban camping” — aka setting up tents on public sidewalks. 

As a result of these “woke” policies, crime is reaching rates never before seen, and people are fleeing the Bay Area in droves. 

This major city is playing a dangerous game with this powerful institution

But the one city that always seems to be at the forefront of the Lawless Left’s stupid and dangerous policies is none other than Seattle, Washington. 

Seattle will soon literally have high school children directing policy on the Seattle School Board. 

Starting this fall, the Seattle School Board will have three high schoolers to sit in on school board meetings, The Seattle Times reported. 

The student board members—Luna Crone-Baron, Nassira Hassan, and Jia Li Yuan (who goes by Jenna) — are non-voting but will be able to put items on the agenda and question those appearing before the board.

Three high schoolers join Seattle School Board

All three of these students appear to be outspoken, far-Left Socialist girls, in the vein of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  So they likely hate America and want nothing more than to turn the city of Seattle into the People’s Republic of Seattle.

There is nothing wrong with young people becoming civically engaged and attending school board meetings, but serving as members of the school board? Pure insanity. 

Having said that, the existing school board acts like children more often than not, but nonetheless, this move is a slap in the face for residents of the city who have had enough of liberal politics destroying the minds of their city’s youth. 

This move is likely to convince other school boards to follow suit across the nation. 

It also underscores a movement on the Left to give children more authority and power than ever before. 

Many liberals believe that children should be allowed to vote as early as age 16, and many feel that their voice is equally as important as an adult, despite them having significantly fewer life experiences to guide their decision-making. 

The absolute last thing Seattle needs to be doing right now is to play games such as this one.

Seattle is a city in major decline and woke projects like this one will do nothing to help this city which is falling into ruins. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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