Tucker Carlson just dropped a truth bomb on who’s behind America’s fastest-growing crisis

America is in crisis.

Cities are rapidly in decay as crime is skyrocketing.

But Tucker Carlson just dropped a truth bomb on who’s behind America’s fastest-growing crisis.

Homelessness is destroying this country from the inside out.

Often, you see drug addicted vagabonds wander the street in broad daylight, leaving a path of destruction behind them.

Places where homelessness are high also have high rates of rape, theft, and drug crimes.

And it is no coincidence that many large populations of homeless people can be found in major left-wing cities across the nation.

One case study of this issue can be found in the most radical city of them all, Seattle, Washington.

Last year in Seattle, which has a notoriously large homeless population, the city spent nearly $150 million to house homeless meth smokers in luxury apartments that overlook the Puget Sound and the Space Needle.

Meanwhile struggling small businesses affected by business lockdowns were allocated a measly $10 million.

The backwards priorities of Seattle tell you everything you need to know about that city’s government.

For some reason, these left-wing elites think that handing out clean needles, giving drug addicts luxury housing, and a slew of other freebies will somehow deter homelessness.

These policies, and the rise of homelessness are symptoms of a collapsing society.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News spoke about this just the other day, and as usual, he completely nailed it.

Tucker argued, “Politicians are making it much easier to be a homeless drug addict in the United States, and much harder to be a law-abiding member of the middle class.”

He went on to say, “What’s the effect? Well, let’s see. The middle class is dying, and we now have record numbers of drug-addicted vagrants.”

Bingo. Like usual, Tucker got it completely right.

By eliminating the middle class and replacing it with “drug-addicted vagrants”, the radical Left expands their voting base, thus giving them even more political power.

After all, all radical leftists care about is gaining even more power to control our lives.

It doesn’t matter to them that the means to those ends requires the downfall of society.

In fact, it seems like the downfall of American society is exactly what they want.

And unless Americans are willing to stand up and clean up our cities, then the downfall of society is what we will get.

Blue State Blues will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.


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