This once golden American city is being destroyed by this public health crisis

Many Democrat strongholds are suffering due to bad leadership.

And liberals are getting a taste of progressive policies.

Now this once golden American city is being destroyed by this public health crisis.

San Francisco is arguably the most left-wing city in the country.

There’s hardly a Republican in sight, so nobody is to blame for the city’s problems but Democrats.

Ronald Reagan once said, “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

Well, liberals in San Francisco are getting a harsh lesson in the result of their so-called “progressive” policies.

Thanks to bloated bureaucracies and pro-crime policies, San Francisco has turned into a dump.

Generally, liberals are able to insulate themselves from the ramifications of their own ideology, but the consequences are now too stark to ignore.

Homelessness and drug addiction have been allowed to run rampant in the city.

The problem has gotten so bad, lifelong liberals are writing testimonials about how profound the issues have become.

One disillusioned city resident posted online:

“I really believed in SF’s Progressive politics. I thought the goal was to enrich the lives of ALL people – black, brown, white, Asian… all of us uplifting and protecting each other. Identify unfair inequities and strive to fix them for the betterment of everyone. I wanted that. This is unacceptable. Addiction and Mental illness have been allowed to run over everyone else’s right to safety and security. I was born here and truly think we’ve never been more off course.”

Leftists have duped many liberals into thinking they actually mean what they say when they express their lofty ideals, but hard leftists are actually ideologues who want to bring out a socialist revolution, and squalor and suffering are just the necessary price.

But many liberals didn’t sign up for that.

They actually believed the Left when they said they stood for free speech even though they don’t.

The resident continued:

“The constant onslaught of fentanyl zombies bent in half while still standing up, the patches of charred cement where someone with mental illness has started a fire, the comatose individuals littering the streets – face down immobile, the streets littered with syringes. I’m not making ANY of this up or exaggerating. This is daily. We’ve walked away from ‘accountability’ and the phrase ‘the inmates are running the asylum’ has never felt more real for me living here. And honestly – worst of all, it’s turned my heart cold and I now have very little compassion for these individuals, now I’m left with anger and frustration.”

San Francisco has essentially sanctioned an open-air drug market in the city.

Homeless people are allowed to set up tent cities all over town and live in misery, addicted to drugs and often suffering from mental illness.

Somehow leftists believe it’s “compassionate” to allow this to happen.

Some on the Left, like the above resident, are waking up, but voting in a different set of “progressives” is not going to get the job done.

Some disaffected liberals in the city are even flirting with voting Republican as a recourse.

Democrat higher-ups can ignore this trend at their own peril.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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