This major highway system is turning into a warzone

Across the nation, primarily in Democrat-run states and cities, violent crime is becoming the “new normal”.

This crime is not limited to the shady side of town. Every part of these liberal cities has become hotbeds of crime.

But things have escalated so badly in this one major liberal city that commuting to work can no longer be considered safe.

Of all of the cities that have been impacted by the recent crime surges, Los Angeles has seen one of the biggest spikes in crime.

According to data from the Los Angeles Police Department, nonviolent property crimes are up 3.7%, violent crimes are up 6.2%, robbery is up 5.2% and most shockingly, homicide is up 13% since 2020 and 52.2% since 2019.

The numbers do not lie, and it goes without saying that a 52% jump in homicides is horrifying to say the least.

These crimes are undoubtedly a direct result of the drastic changes the far-left city government of Los Angeles made following the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots.

And it’s not just notorious hellholes like Compton and Watts that are seeing crime surges, but even upscale neighborhoods like Beverly Hills and Malibu are slowly getting infected by this spike in violent crime.

But just the other day, this rise in crime went to a whole new, gruesome level.

Within a 24-hour time span, three separate shootings were reported on Los Angeles freeways.

These shootings resulted in three people being seriously injured, one of them being a child, and one person dying.

There does not appear to be any motive or reason for these shootings.

Unfortunately, you will not hear about these shootings on the cable news because they completely debase the radical Left’s anti-gun agenda.

Los Angeles, which has some of the most ridiculous and strict gun restrictions in the nation, is somehow a hotbed for gun violence.

This proves that gun control does absolutely nothing to stop violent crimes – it only serves to disarm responsible, law-abiding gun owners who more often than not vote Republican.

The truth is, the radical Left who runs the decaying city of Los Angeles does not care about violent crimes, nor do they really care about black lives.

They care about getting elected and reelected.

However, if crimes like this continue to terrorize innocent people then there will be a day of reckoning for these spineless cowardly politicians.

Even though it may seem like there is little political hope for Los Angeles, just look at San Francisco, which just recalled several school board members for overplaying their hand.

If it can happen in San Francisco, it can happen anywhere.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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