This major city’s Mayor has a disturbing plan to fight crime that has spiraled out of control

People in Democrat-run cities are at their wit’s end.

Crime has skyrocketed over the last two years.

But this major city’s Mayor has a disturbing plan to fight crime that has spiraled out of control.

Former New York City Mayor David Dinkins famously said that the city had become “ungovernable.”

But Rudy Giuliani proved him wrong and cleaned up the streets.

However, communist Mayor Bill de Blasio put the city back on a 1970s trajectory toward its violent past.

Now newly-minted Mayor Eric Adams, a former police officer, is in charge of reining in out-of-control criminals.

But thus far, Adams is continuing the same failed pro-crime policies.

One solution Adams is flirting with is massive drone surveillance, which should send a chill down the spine of anyone concerned about privacy.

The New York Post reported that “Mayor Eric Adams is mulling a mini-army of drones to fight surging crime in the Big Apple – possibly deploying the high-flying robocops from rooftops as watchful guardians of Gotham . . . Adams attended the gathering in the Williamsburg Hotel, and sources said the mayor was so impressed with the joint presentation that he suggested his chief technology officer Matthew Fraser and the firms’ honchos begin talks about the city potentially buying drones and expanding the NYPD’s use of them.”

It’s disconcerting that Adams is enthusiastic about drones, but not addressing the actual problems.

For example, bail reform has been a complete disaster, something that even de Blasio was forced to admit.

Former Mayor de Blasio lamented, “There’s a direct correlation to a change in the law, and we need to address it, and we will address it.”

It turns out that putting repeat criminals back on the street leads to more crime.

Democrats are also coming to grips with the mistakes of their “defund the police” rhetoric, which only emboldened criminals and demoralized police officers.

Property crime like shoplifting has become so widespread that pharmacies are being forced to close down.

A fleet of drones is a quick “solution” for Adams and Democrats eager to centralize power.

One source told the New York Post, “Eric is a big booster of drones and how they can be used to streamline government function, but obviously whatever he would try to roll out would be constrained.”

Mass surveillance is one issue that makes people on both sides of the aisle uneasy.

Democrat State Senator Jessica Ramos of Queens called the potential drone fleet “irresponsible and invasive.”

If Adams wants to clean up the city, the roadmap has already been drawn, and it doesn’t involve the city of New York watching everybody at all times.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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