This major city just hired a “trash czar” to address their filth problem

Aside from crime and homelessness, one major problem that is taking over most major cities is the disgusting amount of trash that litters the streets.

Most major cities in America are loaded up with trash.

In fact, this one major city just hired a “trash czar” to address the piles of filth consuming their town.

When it comes to the city of Portland, Oregon, it seems as if every aspect of life there is going to crap.

If it isn’t crime, it is rampant homelessness, or drug use, or riots.

The list goes on and on.

But now it appears as if there is a new problem plaguing the streets of Portland – and that problem is trash.

This should not come as a surprise given how much this liberal city tolerates homeless camps.

Believe it or not, bums do not care about littering.

But given how much this city prioritizes “environmental consciousness” you would expect the city to be free of plastic waste.

Despite using paper straws, and charging for plastic bags, the exact opposite is true.

Portland is absolutely covered in filth.

So much so, that the deadbeats running Portland were finally forced to do something about it.

Just the other day it was announced that the Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, is appointing a “trash czar” to tackle this problem.

Now that is a title you don’t always see on a business card.

Christine Leon, who currently manages the Development Permitting and Transit Group for the Portland Bureau of Transportation, is being tapped for this role.

Both Leon and Wheeler have announced that they will begin looking into options to clean up the filth, as long as it does not displace any homeless people.

The very fact that the Mayor needs to appoint somebody to get rid of trash is ridiculous.

What Portland needs to do is sweep through the city and clean up the trash.

Enforcing littering violations may also help to reduce the filth but that would require law enforcement to hand out fines, which is of course a non-starter in Portland.

If Portland was actually serious about this cleanup, then maybe they could have all of the homeless bums who live off of the government earn their keep by assisting with the trash clean-up.

But that idea would be too efficient for the crazy people who run Portland.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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