This major city just banned a French delicacy to appease crazy animals rights activists

The far-left hates virtually everything that makes life enjoyable. 

Whether it is guns, tasty animals, or nice cars, the Left is there to try and rain on everyone else’s parade. 

But leftists are taking things to a new level in this city where they banned a famous French delicacy in a pathetic attempt to stand for animal rights. 

Of all of the crazy and ridiculous stances the far-left takes, animal rights are often the most absurd. 

Naturally, animals deserve to be treated with respect.  

No dog, cat, or other pet should be abused or neglected. 

Having said that, the idea that livestock, lobsters, and fish have feelings and deserve to be treated like people is ridiculous. 

And like everything the Left advocates for, it is not enough to encourage people to adopt their backward ways, they have to force it upon people. 

Just look at lobsters for example. 

These delicious crustaceans have been a staple of the New England diet for years, and traditionally, the preparation involved dropping a live lobster into a boiling pot, which killed it immediately. 

But thanks to the radical Left, this practice is now considered to be “cruel and inhumane.” 

The preferred method of killing a lobster is to now stab it in the head, which is so much more peaceful. 

The key word is “humane.”  

Nobody is advocating for boiling human beings alive, but animals are a different story. 

The next animal on the far-left’s list is ducks. 

Ducks are enjoyed all around the world for their tender and juicy meat. 

But despite this, leftists in New York City have passed a measure that would ban restaurants from serving foie gras. 

Foie gras is a French delicacy that is made from the livers of ducks. 

And, as you can imagine, it is served at French and fine dining establishments all over New York City. 

But now these restaurants are in full-out panic mode because this popular dish will now be outlawed by New York’s woke city government. 

This banning of foie gras is a prime example of an over powerful government. 

Elitist snobs are more worried about banning French dishes rather than addressing the real problems New York City faces. 

As it stands, New York is in the midst of a crime surge the likes of which the city hasn’t seen in generations. 

To make matters worse, wealthy residents are fleeing the city in droves due to mismanagement, rampant filth and homelessness, and crime. 

New York City is a city in decline, which is almost entirely due to the insane left-wing policies, such as the ban on foie gras, which have been passed over the last couple of decades. 

What New York City needs is less regulation and a harder stance on crime. 

But as long as New York keeps electing radical leftists to positions of power, they will only continue to decline. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 



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