This blue state’s school officials are punishing kids with this absurd policy and parents are livid

Democrats are terrible at governing once they’re in power.

Joe Biden proves that every single day.

Now this blue state’s school officials are punishing kids with this absurd policy and parents are livid.

COVID has exposed the depths of blue state mismanagement.

For the first time in its history, California had net negative migration out of the state.

Middle-class residents as well as businesses – both large and small – are fleeing the state in droves.

And California’s response to the mass exodus is even worse policies.

Schools in the state are pushing all children to wear N95 masks after finally admitting that cloth masks are useless.

The recent “revelation” about cloth masks has been known for a year, but the COVID regime told people they provided some benefit nevertheless.

However, CNN medical expert Dr. Leana Wen recently said on-air that cloth masks do absolutely nothing.

There is evidence that suggests masks are not effective at all, and they’re certainly not effective when worn improperly.

Expecting young children to wear N95 masks correctly all day is absurd.

If anything, the masks get filthy and become petri dishes of germs.

The COVID policies surrounding schools have been particularly terrible.

Public health officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci pushed for school closures even though the evidence against them was robust.

Only a year into the pandemic did Fauci finally admit that school closures were a poor course of action.

The psychological and cognitive damage done to children over the past two years have been profound.

Children need to see faces in order to foster brain development, and they certainly don’t need to be cooped up all day in Zoom classes.

School closures and harmful COVID procedures are why even leftists are flocking to red states like Florida.

Hopefully they learn their lesson and leave their politics in the rear-view mirror.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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