This Black Lives Matter councilman voted to fund police in a move many are saying is too little too late

Leftist are figuring out what conservatives knew all along: defunding the police was a terrible idea.

Skyrocketing homicide rates across the nation are putting everyone at greater risk.

And one Black Lives Matter councilman voted to fund police in a move many are saying is too little too late.

Portland, Oregon led the nation when it came to big blue cities turning their communities over to rioters and anarchists at the height of the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020.

Ironically, now it’s a black city councilman, who was swept into office during the middle of the Black Lives Matter movement uprising, who is bringing a modicum of sanity to Oregon’s most populated city.

Mingus Mapps recently voted to put $5 million back into Portland’s law enforcement budget.

“If you’re breaking windows downtown in order to somehow improve the lives of Black people, I can tell you as a Black person that doesn’t improve my life one bit,” Mapps recently told the Associated Press, “You know, right now, my 12-year-old does not like to go downtown because he perceives it as unsafe,” he said. “As a parent and a political leader, as long as our kids feel unsafe, my work is undone.”

Thankfully, some moderate black politicians are emerging around the nation to check the havoc created by radical leftists.

According to the Associated Press, “Before he took office, Mapps compared protesters to a ‘white mob’ for vandalizing the home of a fellow councilman who voted against $18 million in police cuts.”

Why would he call a bunch of Black Lives Matters rioters a “white mob”?

Well, probably, because they were.

Leftists like to claim blind allegiance from entire voting blocs, but the reality is that the majority of their wackiest members are white communists.

Talk about the ultimate “cultural appropriation” stunt.

A Pew research poll found that the majority of black Democrats identify as “moderate” or “conservative.”

The researchers found, 43% of black democrats say they are moderates while 25% considered themselves conservative.

That means only 25% of black Democrats are liberals.

No doubt, that’s some painful math for radical leftists to contemplate.

But, then again, as the current homicide rate indicates, there’s only so much “progress” a society can bear.

Mapps also called those involved in a violent protest in the wake of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, “villains in the story of Portland’s recovery.”

No doubt, he has his work cut out for him – especially with $13 million still missing from the police budget.

Hugo Gurdon writing in the Washington Examiner argued the move from Democrats is “too little, too late” in an effort to save face before the 2022 election.

“They’ve suddenly realized that — surprise! — there aren’t as many voters for murder and industrial-scale smash-and-grab thievery as there are for combating those increasingly prevalent crimes,” Gurdon wrote.

Regarding the about-face from politicians like Mapps, Gurdon wrote, “Can other Democrats do the same and salvage the next election? Not likely. Even if a Democratic mayor here or there can perform such a
volte-face, that option is not available to the party on a national level,” as they’re beholden to the Marxists steering the ship.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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