Students at NY Liberal Arts school have finally jumped the shark with this insane demand

Chalk it up to a result of decades of coddling and giving children and teenagers anything they want, regardless of the consequences.

This is what happens when people reach adulthood having never been told, “No!”

Now, students at a New York Liberal Arts school have finally jumped the shark with this insane demand.

Call it an A for effort, but college students at The New School (TNS), a liberal arts college in New York City, are demanding that the professors give every student an A grade for the semester, conveniently being couched as a way of rebelling against the school’s administration.

It all started when the students occupied the school’s TNS University Center on December 8 to support a faculty member strike demanding better wages and healthcare benefits.

Students’ demand comes mere days after school administrators caved to faculty strike led by . . . the United Auto Workers?

The strike may have ended two days later, but that didn’t stop students from publishing their own set of demands.

UAW brass tweeted out a statement insisting “We look forward to returning to our students.”

It seems TNS students don’t share that feeling.

Topping the students’ list of demands were A’s for all students, the resignation of the school’s entire leadership and disbandment of the Board of Trustees, and that “Attendance shall have no bearing on course grades.”

Based on their actions, the students may have actually earned an A grade in Opportunism 101.

The demand letter read, “We demand that every student receives a final course grade of A as well as the removal of I/Z grades for the Fall 2022 semester. Attendance shall have no bearing on course grades. This vote, the successful founding act of this coalition, expressed that we have no confidence in this current administration and the trustees. We rather have confidence in ourselves as ONE NEW SCHOOL to continue the fight for returning the university to community self-governance.”

Other demands include tuition reimbursement for the time lost during the strike, canceling fees for five years, forgiveness of all fines accumulated by students during the strike, free course materials and a more lenient approach to missing classes for medical or personal reasons.

The leftists in training have decided to never let a crisis go to waste, in a way that would make Rahm Emanuel blush, after he famously took that tack to push President Obama’s agenda.

But perhaps the icing on the cake are the two final asks that the president’s house “be treated as a communal property of [TNS] and used for purposes determined by the non-administrative TNS community” and that “all future members of the President’s Leadership Team be elected by a majority vote that is open to the non-administrative TNS community, who retain the right to recall that appointment.”

I guess if you’re going to make crazy demands you might as well go all the way.

Tuition at the school is $44,000 per year but if everyone gets an A it gets awfully hard to set yourself apart from the pack.

These students might be better served to hit the books and earn good grades the old-fashioned way, but at liberal arts colleges these days, that could be a tough sell.

Meanwhile, the rest of America is shaking their collective heads at what’s become of these once great institutions of higher learning.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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