Shock hits as an Al Gore 2000 delegate and a former mayor’s home was descended on by criminal investigators

Democrat policies are beacons for trouble.

But Democrat politicians are tied to more real-life nightmares than usual of late.

And shock hit as an Al Gore 2000 delegate and a former mayor’s home was descended on by criminal investigators this week.

A Democrat who was a fixture in Rhode Island’s political scene somehow became wrapped up in yet another tragic situation.

And a gruesome discovery inside the former Woonsocket, Rhode Island mayor’s home has left citizens in one blue state with their jaws on the floor.

A gruesome discovery

Susan Menard was the longest-serving mayor in Woonsocket, Rhode Island having held office from 1995 until 2009.

She was heavily involved in politics, apparently having acted as a delegate for Al Gore in the Democrat Party’s Presidential Primary race back in 2000, according to the Rhode Island State Board of Elections website.

But this week people in her hometown were shocked to learn that police discovered two bodies in “severe states of decomposition” in her home.

The city’s police chief told NBC News that his department was tipped off when a neighbor called saying that the two people living in the house hadn’t been seen for about a week—and there was a strong odor coming from the home.

The state medical examiner’s office has confirmed that one of the bodies belongs to the long-time Democrat official.

Not the first grisly discovery police have made in Democrat mayor’s family

Menard was the second elected female mayor in the history of Rhode Island.

Her decades of heavy involvement in politics came to a sudden end in 2009—the same year her daughter Carrie Pilavin was found dead in her home in Boston.

Carrie’s cause of death was later deemed to be due to an accidental interaction of prescribed medicines—a tragedy that left Menard devastated.

“She gave up her cell phone,” former fellow City Council member John Dionne said. “She just was a recluse.”

Politics had shaped the family since Carrie met her husband, James, during a fundraiser the first time Menard ran for office.

After her daughter’s death Menard said she left politics to focus on her grandchildren.

The second body—and a cause of death—still hasn’t been established.

Locals are speculating the second person is likely her longtime boyfriend Dan Grabowski.

This is another in a spate of Democrat officials being linked to horrific deaths in recent weeks.

In early September, Clark County, Nevada public administrator Robert Telles (D) allegedly stabbed a renowned local journalist to death who had been investigating him.

The Las Vegas area Democrat elected official was charged with the murder of Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jeff German last week.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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