Philadelphia’s Democrat Mayor wants to arrest a man for this crazy reason

Crime levels have increased in blue cities all across the country.

Part of this can be attributed to lax prosecution, as violent criminals have little to fear.

Now Philadelphia’s Democrat Mayor wants to arrest a man for this crazy reason.

Jim Kenney (D) is Mayor of Philadelphia and in the middle of an unprecedented crime wave last year, Kenney opted to cut police funding.

Now he wants to throw a man in jail for defending himself during a mass shooting, even though the city’s far-left District Attorney admits the man was acting in self-defense.

According to prosecutors, Gregory Jackson, 34, shot Micah Towns, 23, leading Towns to return fire and kill Jackson.

In the middle of the gunfight, eighteen year-old Quran Garner also pulled a gun and began firing into a nearby crowd.

Police say, “the precise sequence of the confrontation was unclear” and that more gunmen might have been involved in the incident, which left three people dead and 12 wounded.

During a briefing on gun violence, Kenney said, “anybody who fired a gun that day should be locked up” and that Towns, who was hospitalized and remains in critical condition, is “partially responsible for escalating the shooting because he didn’t walk away from the fight.”

Even Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner (D) blasted the Mayor’s words, saying Towns was acting in self-defense.

Krasner is a weak prosecutor who rarely prosecutes criminals and has received more than a million dollars from Democrat mega-donor George Soros.

Krasner’s spokeswoman said, “Kenney is ‘not a cop’ and ‘not an attorney.’ We cannot invent crimes that don’t exist and facts that aren’t true.”

The Mayor’s philosophy on fighting gun crime does not involve providing more resources to law enforcement, and by any objective measure has been a massive failure.

NPR reports that Philadelphia set a homicide record in 2021.

A jaw-dropping 562 homicide deaths were reported in the city last year.

While all that was taking place, Kenney reduced the police force’s budget by 2.4 percent.

If elected leaders won’t ensure citizens’ safety, then they shouldn’t be surprised when the people feel inclined to take it upon themselves to protect their families and properties.

And while he probably would not appreciate it, the fact is that Kenney and those of similar mind make gun ownership and Second Amendment concerns more important to more people than any NRA ad ever could.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 



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