Parents in one blue state were outraged over what woke educators were doing to their children

Leftist ideology has been infiltrating more and more aspects of our daily lives.

That it’s counterproductive is bad enough but the real tragedy is when wrong-headed political decisions impact kids.

And parents in one blue state were outraged over what woke educators were doing to their children.

Parents in Barrington, Rhode Island have slammed the local school district for canceling honors classes in the name of “increasing inclusivity and equity.”

At a recent meeting, parents voiced their anger because a newly instituted system of universal learning had impacted grades and access to merit scholarships for college.

Specialized programs have been abolished, keeping all students in the same class, with no regard for individual strengths or abilities.

One father said it will harm children, like his six year old son who would like to follow in his father’s footsteps and also become a dentist.

The outraged parent said, “My parents came from Mexico, they didn’t speak English. I went to school, I started off from kindergarten to third grade before my parents could actually read my assignments. You guys have your own idea of what diversity, equity, and inclusion means. It doesn’t take into account an actual person that has been through some of the worst public schools in Chicago, lives in neighborhoods where people are shooting each other, drug dealers and gang members. That’s where I grew up till I was about 12. So how come no one is asking me? I have a lot to share. It sounds like my son is going to have to take honors classes.”

Ellen Schaffer is a mother upset by the policy because she doesn’t like the one size fits all approach, telling Fox & Friends First host Todd Piro that students need a more “tailored” approach to realize their full potential.

Schaffer said, “What we’re being told is that there are children who are not getting access to rigorous academics with the same access as children who are in honors levels. That’s the rationale, but how it happens really doesn’t turn out that way. Really, if we want to work in the name of equity, we need to focus on equal opportunity. We really want to pay attention to those vulnerable children who were given individualized attention by teachers at the pace that they needed to go at rather than being put in a single classroom with a bunch of other students – all at different levels – when the teacher has to try to shift gears and attend to each student.”

And that’s really it in a nutshell.

There’s no way to fairly distribute equity because each of us has different strengths and weaknesses.

Equity only stifles and equality of opportunity is the best path for success for all.

And this is just one more element that is on the ballot this fall.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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