One shocking sight proves Democrats are running this city into the ground

Democrats have no plan to stem the tide of rising crime.

Their response has been to double down on the same policies.

Now one shocking sight proves Democrats are running this city into the ground.

Many Democrat-run cities have surrendered to rampant crime and homelessness.

Far-left prosecutors funded by George Soros have instituted pro-crime policies that are crippling cities, particularly on the west coast.

San Francisco, arguably the most progressive city in the country, has devolved into a hellscape in certain areas.

The open-air drug trade operates unabated, and now a homeless encampment caught fire.

Leftists will of course blame such unacceptable sights on a lack of funding, but San Francisco spent $280 million on housing and homeless services in 2018, up 40% over five years.

Last year, the budget ballooned even more; San Francisco is set to spend an eye-popping $1.1 billion on homelessness over two years.

With a homeless population of roughly 8,000, that means San Francisco is spending approximately $68,750 per homeless person each year.

Clearly the funds are being misallocated.

Homelessness has become a racket for government employees to enrich themselves.

People in these departments are making hefty six-figure salaries while the homelessness problem only gets worse.

San Francisco is also spending about half a million dollars per year on free needles for drug addicts.

Combine that with the fact that politicians have determined that it’s acceptable to live in squalor on the street, and the outcome is fires in tent cities.

Parts of San Francisco look like third-world countries with several Silicon Valley billionaires only a few miles away.

Progressives preach about inequality, but the Bay Area has some of the biggest wealth inequality in the country.

Democrats are full of empty rhetoric.

During an interview with The New York Times, far-left San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin boasted that his “charging rate for drug sales is higher than in years.”

Boudin is pretending as if he’s tough on crime because he’s facing a recall that he comically blamed on Republicans.

In reality, Boudin is a big proponent of pro-crime policies and decarceration.

Allowing rampant homelessness in the streets, putting repeat criminals back on the streets, and handing out free drug needles have put San Francisco in a terrible mess.

Other left-wing cities are in danger of following the same path.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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