One sad sign shows that oil companies anticipate even higher prices and Americans are in disbelief

Just yesterday it was reported that for the first time ever gasoline prices topped $4 per gallon in each of the fifty states.

It seems that between Bidenflation and the price hikes in energy, everyday Americans can’t get a break.

Now one sad sign shows that oil companies anticipate even higher prices and Americans are in disbelief.

If you think fuel prices are bad in your area, rest assured that residents of Washington State have it worse.

According to The Post Millennial, in anticipation of an increase in gas prices, gas stations in the state of Washington are reportedly reprogramming pumps to include double-digit numbers in “price per gallon” as the current trend could put prices over $10.00.

In a change from March, at the 76 Gas Station in Auburn, Washington, gas pumps have been reprogrammed to make room for double-digit pricing.

A spokesperson with 76 confirmed that the gas pumps were reprogrammed to accommodate this change.

While the company did not say that they are expecting prices to increase up to $10.00 or more, it’s hard to conclude otherwise based on skyrocketing increases in current price trends.

Additionally, gas stations are running out of fuel across eastern Washington where customers are pulling up to pumps only to find notes that state the station is out of fuel, which wasn’t an issue in the past.

Gas prices have sharply increased since President Biden took office in January 2021.

Biden’s decision to shut down the Keystone XL and Enbridge Line 5 pipelines have resulted in the United States becoming more reliant on other countries for oil and gas.

Last year, the Colonial Pipeline was attacked by Russian hackers, which caused multiple states in the south and along the east coast to run out of gas.

Directly as a result of this administration’s policies, the United States set a new record in gas prices over the weekend, which surged to a new average high of $4.43, according to AAA, up from $4.08 in April and $3.00 in May of last year.

Last week, while discussing inflation and lowering costs, President Biden said, “We have no plan,” to bring down energy prices, an issue that is negatively impacting millions of Americans.

He then sought to place blame on Republican legislators, energy companies, Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin.

Part of the reason that Biden’s approval numbers are hovering in the 30s and low 40s is that if he were deliberately trying to sabotage the hopes and aspirations of the American public, it’s hard to see how his policies and actions would differ markedly from what he’s done since assuming office.

Sadly, the pain at the pump is just one more fact of life that’s tough to see improving any time soon under this administration.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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