One horrifying video shows how Blue State policies have ruined this major city

Big cities across the country are in chaos.

That’s the result of poor Democrat leadership.

And one horrifying video shows how Blue State policies have ruined this major city.

The city of San Francisco has been hit with a number of problems, all of them result of bad Democrat policy.

Violent crime has increased over the past few years thanks to pro-crime policies that put repeat offenders back on the streets, demoralize police officers, and embolden criminals.

One of the effects has been rampant shoplifting and theft; the problem has gotten so bad that many stores like Walgreens have simply shut down.

Theft under $950 will not be prosecuted, and criminals know this.

And security guards are powerless to stop it because the stores are concerned about lawsuits if the employees injure the thieves.

This is anarcho-tyranny in action; criminals do not get punished (anarchy), but law-abiding citizens get the hammer dropped on them (tyranny).

In addition to that, the city has done nothing to address the rising homelessness problem.

In fact, city officials have made it worse.

The chain of events has led to San Francisco slowly turning into a hellscape.

San Francisco residents are forced to walk through this nightmare everyday

Independent journalist Savanah Hernandez shared one harrowing video and explained, “This is what the kids in San Francisco are forced to walk past everyday. Hard drug use, drug deals, feces, needles, adults slumped over with exposed wounds and addicts suffering from mental illness screaming in the streets. The streets are truly scary to walk down.”

City residents got fed up with the crime and recalled George Soros-funded District Attorney Chesa Boudin, but officials have not come up with a solution to the homelessness problem.

The main reason why is that Democrats believe that homelessness is a housing shortage issue, which is incorrect.

While regulations and bureaucracy make building new properties in San Francisco prohibitive, the homelessness crisis is almost entirely fueled by drug addiction and/or untreated mental illness.

Democrats have determined that it’s “compassionate” to allow addicts and unwell people to live in squalor on public streets.

There is no excuse for tent cities—which function as open-air drug markets—to pop up all over San Francisco.

It’s a public safety issue.

Meanwhile, the homelessness bureaucracy is raking in billions of dollars to do nothing.

San Francisco has committed over $500 million to address homelessness, and all that has done is enriched central planners.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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