One blue city has next-level creepy tech eavesdropping to surveil its citizens in unfathomable ways

One blue city’s “Big Brother” government is watching – and listening.

The next-level creepy tech is changing the world in one terrifying way.

And, no doubt, the climate police have big plans for this new eavesdropping tech.

Forget speed traps, the New York Department of Environmental Protection has noise pollution traps.

The story blew up in the automotive world when a BMW M3 owner was sent a ticket for violating New York City’s “noise” code.

The ticket came along with a detailed description of NYC’s creepy new spyware.

“Your vehicle has been identified as having a muffler that is not in compliance with Section 386 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law, which prohibits excessive noise from motor vehicles,” The ticket read. “Your vehicle was recorded by a camera that takes a picture of the vehicle and the license plate. In addition, a sound meter records the decibel level as the vehicle approaches and passes the camera.”

The BMW performance car owner was fined $875 after he failed to make the appointment at a city sewer plant, which apparently also houses an inspection station.

An ominous letter from the city promised more penalties the longer he delayed.

The Big Apple isn’t the only American city stalking drivers.

Knoxville, Tennessee is trying out a system that would amount to a full-blown Big Brother surveillance program with government employees paid to review all video and audio recordings captured during the day.

The trial program is set up to record all video data when the traffic camera is triggered.

Video is then uploaded to a server where the government employee decides whether to issue a ticket in that case or not.

The potential for governments to misuse these types of surveillance systems is especially high in an era where governments at every level are invading citizens’ privacy in ways that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago.

Broad acceptance of this type of infrastructure is especially ominous at a time when leftists in American society seem poised to accept some sort of social credit system similar to that used in Communist China.

One of the most stunning and frightening aspects of this situation is that criminals – especially members of the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization – can get away with just about anything short of murder these days.

Meanwhile, a guy merely driving a somewhat noisy performance car can be secretly recorded, accused, ordered around, and fined for living the American Dream.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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