Leftists in one city just got a stunning wake-up call they never expected

Blue cities have been under siege for over a year.

Crime and homelessness are on the rise and leadership won’t do anything.

But leftists in one city just got a stunning wake-up call they never expected.

Seattle is one of the most left-wing major cities in the country.

They have literal communists holding city council seats.

Radical far-left City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant led a protest to the house of left-wing Mayor Jenny Durkan because she wasn’t radical enough for them.

But the “woke” comrades of Seattle got a wake-up call when pro-police candidates swept the elections for Mayor, City Attorney, and City Council.

Moderate Democrat Bruce Harrell defeated far-left candidate Lorena Gonzalez for Mayor.

Sara Nelson defeated radical Nikkita Oliver for City Council.

Even a Republican won – Ann Davison beat prison and police “abolitionist” Nicole Thomas-Kennedy for City Attorney.

American Greatness reports:

“The sweep by pro-police candidates comes over one year after the city’s downtown infamously descended into chaos during the summer of race riots. In the midst of violent protests by far-left domestic terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, anarcho-communists took over a roughly six-block portion of the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle and declared it to be an ‘autonomous’ zone that would govern itself independently of the city government. It came to be known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or CHAZ.”

So-called “autonomous zones” began to pick up in cities across the country.

An eight-year-old girl named Secoriea Turner was murdered in an Atlanta autonomous zone when her mother accidentally pulled into a commercial parking lot not knowing that it had been “occupied” by deranged revolutionaries.

They sprayed her car with bullets, and her young daughter was killed.

American Greatness continued:

“CHAZ became ground zero for the anti-police movement, with its advocates claiming that its existence would prove that a police force wasn’t necessary. But the zone quickly became a hive of homelessness, drugs, sexual crimes, and other violent crimes against anyone who dared to enter. Mayor Jenny Durkan (D-Wash.) initially allowed it to last for almost a month due to her support for the zone’s far-left politics; however, after five different shootings took place within the zone that left two people dead and four people injured, the city government finally cleared out the zone and restored order.”

Durkan originally called the CHAZ a street festival that could turn into another “summer of love,” but it didn’t take long for it to descend into madness just like everything else the radical Left touches.

The moderate and Republican victories in Seattle could be a sign that people are sick and tired of radical left-wing leadership, and want some common sense governance.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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