John Fetterman has some explaining to do after all hell breaks loose at this University

Crime has become absolutely unbearable in most American cities, yet Democrats do not seem to care.

As top Democrats find new and creative ways to bankrupt America, most communities across the nation have been engulfed in violent crime, the likes of which as not been seen in a long time.

But now, John Fetterman has some explaining to do after all hell breaks loose at this University.

Philadelphia is not a safe place to work or live

The sad truth is, most major cities in America are no longer safe places to work, study, live or even visit.

This is especially true for the city of Philadelphia which has been completely ravaged by the Left’s pro-crime agenda.

After years of pro-crime policies such as defunding the police, and so-called “bail reform”, criminals are acting more often and often with impunity.

Having said that, what happened to a group of Temple University students the other day may be one of the most brazen crimes in recent memory in Philadelphia.

According to Fox News, two armed men entered a home full of Temple University students who were living off-campus and forced all 11 of them into their own basement.

Once they were forced into the basement at gunpoint, the street thugs stole the students’ credit cards, cell phones, and even the keys to one of their vehicles.

The thieves then took off in the stolen vehicle and remain at large. Fortunately, none of the victims were physically harmed in the robbery.

Even though this robbery was more brazen than usual, violent crime has become a part of daily life in the city of Philadelphia.

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, violent crime is up nearly 5% in the last year alone, which armed robberies seeing a whopping 42% increase.

On top of that, property crimes are up over 29% and theft from persons is up over 47%.

Despite these staggering and alarming crime hikes, Democrats do not seem to care one bit.

Top Pennsylvania officials have yet to speak out about the horrific robbery, and that includes newly-elected Senator, and current Keystone State Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, who was instead seen schmoozing it up on Capitol Hill.

So much for being the “City of Brotherly Love”, “City of Violent Crime” is more like it.

Everyone should be extra careful when visiting, studying, commuting, or working in Philadelphia and every other major American city for that matter.

Democrats do not care about crime, and the problem is guaranteed to only get worse from here.

After years of pro-crime policies, which make it virtually impossible to hold criminals accountable, street thugs roam the streets without any fear of paying the consequences for their actions.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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