Grown adults in this blue state are basically grounded by Joe Biden and their out-of-touch Governor

Radical Democrats are waging economic warfare on average Americans.

Now grown adults in one blue state are basically grounded.

And they have Joe Biden, along with their out-of-touch Governor to blame.

California now officially doesn’t feel like it’s even part of the “land of the free.”

Thanks to Joe Biden’s committed efforts to tank the national economy combined with Governor Gavin Newsom’s beyond disastrous climate measures, most average Californians can barely manage to buy food for their families and keep enough gas in the tank to make it to work.

LA gas shock

Recently gas prices in Los Angeles hit a shocking record of $6.49 per gallon.

And it sounds like getting around in the Golden State will soon become even more cost prohibitive.

Last Wednesday OPEC announced a plan to restrict production even more.

That move is likely to keep pushing gasoline prices even higher—a fact that likely has unhinged fringe leftists gleeful.

Of course, the fuel hike comes even as Americans are struggling to deal with an inflationary crisis like nothing seen in more than 40 years.

Other blue states in the west, including Oregon and Washington also have gas prices spiking so high residents are about choking as they watch dollar amounts rise on the gas pump.

“With gas prices continuing to surge on the West Coast and Great Lakes, the national average saw its second straight weekly rise,” the head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, Patrick De Haan, wrote in an online piece. “But at the same time, areas of the Northeast and Gulf Coast have continued to see declines as the nation experiences sharp differences in trends between regions.”

Of course, the radical left is busy peddling the idea that Americans can simply switch from gasoline engines to electric vehicles and magically save the planet from guaranteed total destruction.

Hello, coal-powered electric vehicles

In addition to the fact that their logic is completely flawed (hello, coal-powered electricity), No-Lights Newsom managed to prove that approach a phenomenal failure.

Last month Newsom signed a new bill into law banning the sale of new vehicles with gasoline engines in the state starting in 2035.

A mere three days after he signed the edict, the state went into emergency mode as the power grid proved itself not even stable enough to handle a mere heatwave, not to mention taking on the full weight of fueling the state’s entire transportation system.

State officials actually went as far as sending out a request that electric car owners refrain from charging their vehicles to conserve electricity.

The more far-Left central planners start implementing their plans, the easier it is to imagine a dystopian future under their total control.

Californians are already experiencing less freedom in their everyday lives as their leftist overlords find effective ways to keep them off the roads as much as possible.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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